6 players, 5 hours, 4th edition

Mephistopheles said:
Nice idea.

It also gave me a flashback to the previews I saw for that recent movie which showed Anakin Skywalker teleporting at will and Mace Windu nailing his feet to the floor. I could have done without that. ;)
WHAT! What movie is that?


Fallen Seraph said:
Yeah definitely have to be cold iron to work against a Eladrin. Now would it be the traditional cold iron where it is normal iron used in a certain manner... Or more modern version where it is simply iron wrought without heat.
It could be implemented as a simple ritual performable by anyone, too.
It requires a shackled Eladrin, and by speaking the magical words "I hereby imprison you in the name of <insert local authority here>" and performing a specific gesture. This automatically anchors the Eladrin in his current plane. The ritual must be renewed each day and can be broken if the shackles are removed. It's impossible to use in combat, but if you ever capture an Eladrin, you have a way of keeping him that way without killing or drugging him.
Gives incentive for an Eladrin to investigate in whatever skill covers Escape Artist.

By the way, Eladrin jumping out of prison can create an interesting role-playing dynamic - if the whole party is imprisoned, but the Eladrin can easily escape - what does he do to get the rest out? (Off course, It can also lead astray - the Eladrin solo-adventuring for an hour until he finds a way to get the party out, while the imprisoned are twiddling their thumbs...)

And this definitely makes me want to play an Eladrin Rogue...