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7th Sea Hits ONE MILLION DOLLARS (AKA The Top 100+ RPG Kickstarters Ever!)

7th Sea Hits ONE MILLION DOLLARS (AKA The Top 50 RPG Kickstarters Ever!) Matt Colville's Strongholds & Streaming smashed all tabletop RPG records, and is the highest funding roleplaying game Kickstarter ever. It is the first to pass the $2,000,000 mark. That's astonishing. While card games like Exploding Kittens and miniatures collections like Reaper's repeatedly successful Kickstarters have made $8.7M and $3M respectively, and dozens of boardgames have passed the $1M milestone, this is the first roleplaying game to hit that landmark figure. Here's a list of the most successful RPG Kickstarters ever.

7th Sea Hits ONE MILLION DOLLARS (AKA The Top 50 RPG Kickstarters Ever!)

Matt Colville's Strongholds & Streaming smashed all tabletop RPG records, and is the highest funding roleplaying game Kickstarter ever. It is the first to pass the $2,000,000 mark. That's astonishing. While card games like Exploding Kittens and miniatures collections like Reaper's repeatedly successful Kickstarters have made $8.7M and $3M respectively, and dozens of boardgames have passed the $1M milestone, this is the first roleplaying game to hit that landmark figure. Here's a list of the most successful RPG Kickstarters ever.


Interesting fact. The total value of all RPG (not accessories) Kickstarters above $30K is $21,612,300 from 253,154 backer pledges at the time of writing.

The next highest roleplaying game Kickstarter is John Wick's 7th Sea 2nd Edition Kickstarter which made nearly over $1M, followed by Monte Cook Games' Numenera 2, which made over $800K. Onyx Path is the undisputed tabletop RPG Kickstarter King, at least for now (they have raised a staggering $4M in Kickstarters under Richard Thomas' account). Modiphius is also a Kickstarter multiple-blockbuster, and made nearly £350K (which is about $500K) with its Infinity Roleplaying Game. Monte Cook Games made a similar amount with their (at the time record-breaking) Numenera, with just over $500K. Fate Core, The Strange, Numenera: Into the Ninth World, and the Deluxe Changeling: the Dreaming 20th Anniversary Edition all also did incredibly well. It's clear that some companies have mastered the art of the Kickstarter down to a well-oiled science.

Below is a list of all the RPG Kickstarters I could find, ranked in order of final funding in US dollars as far as the top 50 [edit - now 100+]. It's for roleplaying game projects only - I did not include dice, miniatures, boardgames, card games, etc. If I missed any, I apologise - it wasn't deliberate! The list goes down as far as $30K.

Kickstarter passed $30K? Let me know in the comments!

Note that currencies fluctuate; I've used the values as of their funding date. Some are ongoing (I've made them bold and italic), so may have climbed the chart since being added created. I'll update their final positions when they finish, but I don't intend to track them daily until then. Kicktraq projections change constantly; where noted below, those were at the time of posting.

#Roleplaying GameCreatorBackersTotal (nearest 1K)Notes
Strongholds & StreamingMatt Colville28,918$2.1M
17th Sea 2nd EditionJohn Wick11,483$1.3MFirst ever to pass $1M
Numenera 2: Discovery and DestinyMonte Cook Games4,185$845K
2Deluxe Exalted 3rd EditionRichard Thomas4,368$684KOnyx Path
3Deluxe Mage: the Ascension 20th Anniversary EditionRichard Thomas3,926$672K
Invisible SunMonte Cook Games1,846$664K
4Robert E. Howard's Conan Roleplaying GameModiphius4,352£436K ($627K)Very low exchange rate; normally this would be around $690K-$700K, putting it in 2nd place
5Call of Cthulhu 7th EditionChaosium Inc3,668$561K
6Numenera: A new roleplaying game from Monte CookMonte Cook Games4,658$517KFirst ever to pass $500K
7Corvus Belli's INFINITY Roleplaying GameModiphius3,494£346K ($500K)
Rifts for Savage WorldsShane Hensley4,238$438K
8Fate CoreFred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions10,103$433KSecond largest number of backers; first to break 10K backers
9The Strange, a Tabletop RPG by Bruce Cordell & Monte CookMonte Cook Games2,883$418K
10Numenera: Into the Ninth WorldMonte Cook Games3,317$417K
Tales from the Loop: Roleplaying in the '80s That Never WasFria Ligan5,6003.7M SEK
11Deluxe Changeling: the Dreaming 20th Anniversary EditionRichard Thomas2,684$380K
12Deluxe Werewolf: The Apocalypse 20th Anniversary EditionRichard Thomas2,108$380K
13Delta Green: The Roleplaying GameArc Dream Publishing2,533$362K
Torg EternityUlisses Spiele2,282$356K
14Planet MercenaryHoward Taylor5,312$348K
15Paranoia RPGMatthew Sprange4,380£217K ($341K)
Scion 2nd Edition Tabletop RPGRichard Thomas4,085$335K
Dragon-Blooded: What Fire Has Wrought for Exalted 3rd Ed.Richard Thomas2,321$332K
Forbidden Lands - Retro Open-World Survival Fantasy RPGFria Ligan3,3992.M SEK
16KULT: Divinity Lost - Horror Roleplaying Game (RPG)Helmgast AB2,7332.7M SEK ($330K)
17Worlds of the Cypher SystemMonte Cook Games2,456$304K
Trudvang ChroniclesRiotMinds2.7M SEK
18Deluxe Wraith: the Oblivion 20th Anniversary EditionRichard Thomas2,248$295K
19Traveller 5th EditionMarc "Traveller" Miller2,085$294K
John Carter of Mars - The Roleplaying GameChris Birch, Modiphius2,155£228K
20Exclusive Numenera Boxed SetMonte Cook Games1,985$286K
21Deluxe V20 Dark AgesRichard Thomas2,141$281K
22Achtung! Cthulhu - The WW2 Keeper's & Investigator's GuidesModiphius1,972£177K ($268K)
Unknown Armies Third Edition Roleplaying GameAtlas Games2,819$266K
23The Guide to GloranthaRick Meints1,276$260K
Creature Codex: 5th Edition Monsters Including CommissionsKobold Press4,166$249K
24Rappan AthukFrog God Games1,003$246K
25Mutant Chronicles 3rd Ed. RPGModiphius1,199£151K ($244K)
26Through the Breach: A Malifaux Roleplaying GameWyrd Miniatures1,546$243K
Torg Eternity - The Living LandUlisses Spiele1,310$217K
27DCC RPG 4th PrintingGoodman Games2,259$215K
The Yellow King Roleplaying Game from Robin D. LawsPelgrane Press2,288£167K
28Horror on the Orient Express: Call of CthulhuChaosium Inc.1,374$207K
7th Sea: KhitaiJohn Wick2,553$207K
Mutant Crawl Classics RPG (MCC RPG)Goodman Games2,311$207K
29RuneQuest: Classic EditionRick Meints2,176$206K
Sandy Petersen's Cthulhu Mythos for PathfinderSandy Petersen2,328$204K
30Pugmire Fantasy Tabletop RPGRichard Thomas3,239$193K
Stars Without Number: Revised EditionKevin Crawford3,143$192K
31Tome of Beasts: 400+ New Monsters for 5th EditionKobold Press2,312$191K
Midgard Campaign Setting: Dark Roads & Deep MagicKobold Press1,933$191K
Eclipse Phase, Second Edition RPGinfomorph2,533$187K
DCC LankhmarGoodman Games1,838$187K
32Feng Shui 2: Action Move Roleplaying Game by Robin D. LawsAtlas Games3,402$185K
Trinity Continuum: Aeon RPGRichard Thomas1,956$184K
33Blades in the DarkJohn Harper3,925$179K
34Realm Works - Streamlined RPG Campaign ToolsLone Wolf Development1,836$170K
35Grimtooth's Ultimate Traps CollectionGoodman Games2,269$170K
36Demon: The Descent Prestige EditionRichard Thomas2,076$150K
37Apocalypse World 2nd EditionVincent Baker4,332$149K
38Cthulhu Britannica: London - Call of Cthulhu RPG boxed setDominic McDowall - Cubicle 7753£90K ($147K)
39Shadow of the Demon LordRobert J. Schwalb1,498$140K
40Deluxe V20 Lore of the ClansRichard Thomas1,633$138K
41Shadows of Esteren - A Medieval Horror RPG: TuathJim Searcy1,053$137K
42Shadows of Esteren - A Medieval Horror RPG: TravelsJim Searcy951$137K
43The Dracula DossierPelgrane Press1,420£87K ($137K)
44Shadows of Esteren - A Medieval Horror RPG: OccultismJim Searcy1,066$129K
45Tenra Bansho Zero - An Art and Culture-Rich RPG from JapanAndy Kitkowski1,704$129K
46World of Darkness Dark Eras Prestige EditionRichard Thomas2,030$128K
47Ernest Gary Gygax Jr.'s Marmoreal Tomb Campaign StarterErnest Gary Gygax Jr1,284$126K
48Deep Magic: A Tome of New Spells for Pathfinder RPGKobold Press1,927$126K
49Deluxe Tunnels & TrollsRichard Loomis1,638$125K
50Razor CoastFrog God Games709$123K
51The Lost Lands: The Blight - Richard Pett's Crooked CityFrog God Games795$121K
52Deadlands NoirShane Hensley1,140$117K
53Transhuman: The Eclipse Phase Player's Guideinfomorph1,898$117K
54Beast: The Primordial Prestige EditionRichard Thomas1,623$116K
5513th Age in GloranthaRob Heinsoo Games1,249$116K
56Designers & DragonsFred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions3,046$115K
57Deluxe W20 Changing BreedsRichard Thomas1,405$114K
58Space: 1889 - SF Role Playing in a More Civilized TimeAngus Abranson / Chronicle City1,025£72K ($112K)
59No Thank You, Evil! a Game of Make-Believe for FamiliesMonte Cook Games1,514$111K
60Joe Dever's Lone Wolf - The Lone Wolf Adventure GameDominic McDowall - Cubicle 7635£68K ($110K)
61Earthdawn 4th EditionFASA Corporation1,019$109K
62The Burning Wheel CodexLuke Crane2,109$108K
63Masks: A New GenerationBrendan G. Conway2,371$107K
64TimeWatch: GUMSHOE Investigative Time Travel RPGKevin W. Kulp1,980$105K
65Mummy: The Curse Core RulebookRichard Thomas1,767$104K
66The Lost Lands: Sword of Air Pathfinder & Swords & WizardryFrog God Games526$104K
67Deluxe W20 Book of the WyrmRichard Thomas1,359$103K
68Ryuutama - Natural Fantasy Roleplaying GameAndy Kitkowski2,056$97.9K
69Southlands: New Fantasy Options for Pathfinder RPGKobold Press1,044$97.7K
70V20 Companion Deluxe EditionRichard Thomas1,134$96.3K
71Hillfolk: DramaSystem roleplaying by Robin D. LawsRobin D. Laws2,185$93.8K
72Savage Worlds: Rippers Resurrected RPGShane Hensley1,109$93.3K
73The Chuubo's Marvelous Wish-Granting Engine RPGEos-sama1,082$90.0K
74Mutant: Genlab AlphaFria Ligan1,010kr755K ($89K)
75The Last Parsec - Savage WorldsShane Hensley967$88.5K
76DemonWars: ReformationR.A. Salvatore1,126$88.2K
77Shinobigami - Modern Ninja Battle Tabletop RPG from JapanAndy Kitkowski1,526$87.8K
78Fragged Empire, Tabletop RPGWade Dyer1,265$113AUD ($86.1K)
79Blue Rose: The AGE Roleplaying Game of Romantic FantasyNicole Lindroos of Green Ronin1,513$85.8K
80Golden Sky Stories: Heartwarming Role-PlayingEwen Cluney2,350$85.2K
81City State of the Invincible OverlordJudges Guild965$85.1K
82Interface Zero 2.0: Full Metal CyberpunkDavid Jarvis/Gun Metal Games1,305$84.4K
83Castles & CrusadesStephen Chenault685$83.5K
84METAMORPHOSIS ALPHA Deluxe Hardcover Collector's EditionGoodman Games624$83.2K
85Dungeon World: A Game with Modern Rules & Old-School StyleSage Kobold Productions2,455$82.8K
86Primeval ThuleSasquatch Game Studio822$75.2K
87Fall of Magic - a role playing game of profound fantasyRoss Cowman993$75.1K
88Project: DarkWill Hindmarch2,078$75.0K
89Mindjammer - The Roleplaying GameSarah Newton965£50K ($74K)
90What's OLD is NEW - Two Crunchy Roleplaying GamesMorrus995£43K ($73K)
91Freeport: The city of Adventure for the Pathfinder RPGChris Pramas: Green Ronin Publishing915$73.4K
92Fate More: From Bits to BooksFred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions2,074$73.3K
93The Lost Lands: The Northlands Saga CompleteFrog God Games442$72.9K
9413th Age expansion book: 13 True WaysFire Opal Media846$70.1K
95Deluxe Hunters Hunted IIRichard Thomas950$69.8K
96Mythic Mania: Three Mythic Rulebooks for Pathfinder RPGLegendary Games461$69.3K
97The Lost Lands: Borderland ProvincesFrog God Games728$68.5K
98Scarred Lands - FRPG Setting in 5E OGL & Pathfinder EditionsStewart Wieck1,017$67.7K
99The Sixth Gun RPG for Savage WorldsShane Hensley978$67.3K
100Phoenix: Dawn Command - a card based role playing gameTwogether Studios, LLC1,117$67.2K
101RED AEGIS Roleplaying GameVorpal Games823$66.2K
102World War Cthulhu: Cold War for the Call of Cthulhu RPGDominic McDowall - Cubicle 7563£42K ($65.9K)
103TORCHBEARERLuke Crane1,745$65.1K
104Weird War I - Savage WorldsShane Hensley892$65.0K
105Shotguns & Sorcery RPGOutland Entertainment1,211$64.5K
106Heroes' Tale The Role Playing Card GameMerlino Entertainment318$64.2K
107Necromancer Games: Back for 5th EditionNecromancer Games635$63.9K
108POCKET ODYSSEYAnthony Sato1,054$63.4K
109Deluxe Werewolf 20th Shattered DreamsRichard Thomas831$62.8K
110tremulus: a storytelling game of lovecraftian horrorSean Preston1,555$62.7K
111Sandy Petersen's Cthulhu Mythos for PathfinderSandy Petersen810+*$61K*Ends April 6th; Kicktraq projects $354K
112Dungeon Crawl Classics: Peril on the Purple PlanetGoodman Games807$61.3K
113Ultimate NPCs: Skullduggery for 5e, Pathfinder and S&WNord Games1,335$60.3K
114FAITH: the Sci-fi RPGBurning Games576£41K ($58K)
115AQUELARRE — the dark & mature medieval RPG *now in English*Stewart Wieck738$57.6K
116The Lost lands: The Lost City of BarakusFrog God Games991$57.4K
117Deluxe Anarchs UnboundRichard Thomas710$56.7K
118Legendary Planet Adventure PathLegendary Games434$55.6K
119Children of the Revolution Deluxe for Vampire 20thRichard Thomas589$55.3K
120Advanced Bestiary for Pathfinder RPGChris Pramas: Green Ronin Publishing1,136$55.3K
121East Texas University - Savage WorldsShane Hensley806$54.2K
122Baby Bestiary Volume 2 & Vol. 1 ReprintAndreas Walters1,067$53.2K
123Primeval Thule 5eSasquatch Game Studio870$52.8K
124Aether Campaign SettingRobert Brookes660$52.2K
125Advanced Races Compendium for Pathfinder Roleplaying GameKobold Press797$51.0K
126Deadlands: Stone and a Hard PlaceShane Hensley856$50.4K
127Metamorphosis Alpha: Epsilon CityGoodman Games619$50.2K
128Far West: Western/Wuxia Mashup adventure gameGareth-Michael Skarka717$49.3KOldest on the list - 2011/08/25 - making this the first RPG to pass $30K
129Night WitchesBully Pulpit Games1,334$48.8K
130Judges Guild Deluxe Collector's EditionGoodman Games405+*$48K*Ends April 6th; Kicktraq projects $209K
131Weird Wars Rome - Savage WorldsShane Hensley831$46.8K
132Dwimmermount: An Old School Fantasy RPG MegdungeonAutarch1,023$48.7K
133Wicked FantasyJohn Wick1,097$46.6K
134Rise of the Drow - Pathfinder RPG Adventure TrilogyAdventureaweek.com460$45.6K
135The Lost Lands: Cults of the Sundered KingdomsFrog God Games499$45.0K
136Revelations of MarsJeff Combos507$44.2
137The Shadowlands Campaign Setting Guidebook for PathfinderBlackStar Studios469$44.1K
138Godbound: A Game of Divine HeroesKevin Crawford1,564$43.8K
139Margaret Weis Productions: Cortex Plus Hacker's GuideMargaret Weis Productions1,288$43.7K
140Karthun: Lands of ConflictTracy Barnett/Exploding Rogue Studios1,058$42.8K
141Shaintar: Legends UnleashedSavage Mojo380$41.4K
142Dragon KingsTimothy Brian Brown587$41.2K
143Throne of Night, a Pathfinder RPG Adventure PathGary McBride314$40.6K
144Aaron Allston's Strike ForceHigh Rock Press672$40.6K
145Chill 3rd Edition: A Horror Roleplaying GameMatthew McFarland793$40.3K
146Demon Hunters RPG: A Comedy of TerrorsDead Gentlemen Productions468$40.3K
147Spheres of Power: A New Pathfinder Magic SystemAdam Meyers966$39.5K
148Tales From The Floating Vagabond, Second EditionLee Garvin509$39.4K
149The WarrenBully Pulpit Games1,053$39.4K
150Vurt: The Tabletop Roleplaying GameRavendesk Games544$38.7K
151Dungeon Crawl Classics: The Chained CoffinGoodman Games729$38.2K
152ZEITGEIST AP hardcover (Pathfinder & D&D 4E)Morrus335$38.0K
153Spirit of 77 - a Funky 1970's Tabletop Role-Playing GameMonkeyfun Studios LLC846$37.6K
154Skybourne: A Pathfinder Campaign SettingAdam Meyers555$37.2K
155Epyllion, a Dragon Epic RPGMarissa Kelly863$37.0K
156Adventure Maximus!George Vasilakos764$36.6K
157Tales of the Crescent City from Golden Goblin PressOscar Rios694$36.6K
158Five Moons RPG by Sean K ReynoldsSean K Reynolds639$36.5K
159Masks of Nyarlathotep Companion for Call of CthulhuSixtystone Press771$35.9K
160The Morrow Project 4th EditionChris Garland367$35.9K
161Unwritten: Adventures in the Ages of Myst and BeyondInkWorks Productions558$35.8K
162I AM ZOMBIE: Field Manual & RPGMake-Believe Games387$35.5K
163Snow White - An Adventure for Pathfinder RPG and D&D 3.5Adventureaweek.com500$35.4K
164Urban Shadows: Political Urban FantasyAndrew Medeiros1,076$35.2K
165Tianxia: Blood, Silk & JadeVigilance Press1,056$35.1K
166Axes and AnvilsMike Nystul509$35.0K
167ALAS VEGAS: an RPG of bad memories, bad luck, and bad bloodJames Wallis1,164£24K ($34K)
168The Underground: A Sam & Fuzzy RPGDamocles Thread Development729$34.3K
169Baker Street: Roleplaying in the World of Sherlock HolmesFearlight Games617$31.4K
170UndyingEnigma Machinations820$31.2K
171Primetime AdventuresMatt Wilson1,091$30.0K
172Arcanis: The Cradle of Empires - The First City SourcebookHenry Lopez271$30.0K
-Polaris RPGBlack Book Editions-$30K+Ends April 6th; Kicktraq projects $76K
-Unknown Armies Third Edition Roleplaying GameAtlas Games-$30K+Ends April 29th
*Still Ongoing

The list goes on, of course; I don't plan to go below $30K, as there are literally hundreds in that area. It's interesting to see entries appearing multiple times. I took those who had more than one appearance in the list and added up their individual Kickstarters to see how they rank as a total. Here were those results.

#NameKickstartersTotal (nearest 1K)
1Richard Thomas18$4M
2Monte Cook Games6$2.2M
4John Wick2$1.3M
5Frog God Games/Necromancer Games9$899,000
6Chaosium Inc2$768,000
7Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions3$621,000
8Shane Hensley8$580,000
9Goodman Games6$517,000
10Rick Meints2$466,000
11Kobold Press4$465,000
12Jim Searcy3$403,000
13Cubicle 73$322,000
14Andy Kitkowski3$313,000
15Green Ronin Publishing3$211,000
17Luke Crane2$173,000
18Sasquatch Game Studio2$127,000
19Stewart Wieck2$124,000
20Legendary Games2$124,000
21Bully Pulpit Games2$87,000
23Adam Meyers2$76,000
The following is similar to the top list, but it deals with tabletop RPG "related" Kickstarters. They still have to be RPG related (so no board or card games) but they include things like accessories and dice. It's not as detailed or complete as the one above, as these are harder to find; it's just here to add some extra perspective. I cut this one off at $100K for new stuff, but there's a couple of below $100K legacy software/web items from before which I've left there, but not given a ranking.

#AccessoryCreatorBackersTotal (nearest $1K)Notes
1Reaper Miniature Bones: An Evolution of Gaming MiniaturesReaper Miniatures17,744$3.4M
2Reaper Miniature Bones II: The Return of Mr Bones!Reaper Miniatures14,964$3.1M
3Reaper Miniature Bones 3: The Search for Mr BonesReaper Miniatures13,465$2.7M
4Dwarven Forge's Modular City Builder Terrain SystemDwarven Forge2,719$2.3M
5Dwarven Forge's Caverns - Dwarvenite Game Tiles TerrainDwarven Forge3,950$2.1M
6Dwarven Forge's Game Tiles: Revolutionary Miniature TerrainDwarven Forge5,398$1.9M
7Pathfinder Online: A Fantasy Sandbox MMOGoblin works, Inc.8,732$1MIncluded because of the large pile of Pathfinder RPG PDF rewards rather than the MMO itself
8Dwarven Forge's Castles: 3-D Modular Terrain for GamersDwarven Forge1,180+*$830K+*Ends March 31st; Kicktraq projects $2.5M
9Tablescapes - by Secret Weapon MiniaturesSecret Weapon1,395$311K
10Battle Systems Sci-fi Modular TerrainBattle Systems Ltd1,653£219K ($309K)
11Pathfinder & Q-workshop Metal RPG Dice SetQ-workshop2,387$299K
12Artisan Dice Does Handcrafted PolyhedralsCharlie Brumfield1,174$291K
13Spellbook Gaming BoxesElder Wood2,258$281K
14Battle Systems Fantasy Dungeon TerrainBattle Systems Ltd1,204£198K ($280K)
15Battle Systems Urban Apocalypse TerrainBattle Systems Ltd1,151£186K ($263K)
16Wyrmwood Magnetic Dice Tower SystemWyrmwood Gaming1,376$246K
17Creature Caster: First WaveJeremy Glen1,487$324KCAD ($245K)
18GNL MatsGameNightLife2,101$173K
19AKO DICEKacha6,564$166K
20The Best Damn Metal Gaming Coins Ever!Conquistador Games1,609$154K
21Fantasy Coins and BarsFantasy Coin, LLC1,694$154K
22Gnomish Adventurers Box SetStonehaven Miniatures1,374$147K
23Miniature Building Authority Castle KickstarterMiniature Building Authority167$142K
24Bombshell Babes MiniaturesBombshell Miniatures1,126$140K
25Dwarven Adventurers Box SetStonehaven Miniatures1,712$136K
26Doublesix Dice: Roll BetterMatt Fleming6,916$133K
27Tact-Tiles: Modular Wet and Dry Erase Gaming SurfaceMike McConnell1,004$128K
28Cast Metal Gaming DiceTracer Metal Works1,662$127K
29Fantasy Coins for Board Games, RPGs, LARP, or any occasionFantasy Coin, LLC1,451$124K
30Twisting Catacombs Miniature Dungeon SceneryZealot Miniatures887£122K
31Games & Gears Battle BoardsGames & Gears982£119K
32Legendary Metal Coins for GamingDrawlab1,522$107K
33Space Roller: The futuristic dice for your Sci-Fi gamesD.LINK STUDIO LLC3,308$107K
34TerraTiles: Coasts & Rivers Tabletop Terrain SystemHeath and Seth Robinson892$105K
35Chibi Dungeon Adventurers now w/ Cthulhu & Monsters & PoniesImpact! Miniatures757$105K
36DRAGONLOCK 28mm Scale Dungeon Gaming TerrainTom Tullis1,276$104K
Obsidian Portal ReforgedObsidian Portal1,692$86.3K
d20 Pro Unlimited Virtual TabletopMesa Mundi Inc1,792$82.7K
Rebuilding EN WorldMorrus1,495£53K ($81K)
Tabletop Forge: The Virtual Tabletop for Google+ HangoutsTabletop ForgeTabletop Forge$44.4K
*Still Ongoing​

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Dirty, realism-hating munchkin powergamer
I'm sure it's a function of local RPG circles being very local, but I never knew anyone who played 7th Sea, while I knew lots of people playing White Wolf stuff like Mage and Exalted.

Might have to check it out and see what the fuss is about.

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