A-2; Greyhawk and Juxta; Apathy




Any members of the thieves' guild Apathy, to be captured anywhere, preferably alive and subdued for questioning.

The bounties will be as follows:

Any Apathy thief, ALIVE: 100gc
Any Apathy thief, DEAD: 50gc
Nugan Wracod II, ALIVE: 150gc
Nugan Wracod II, DEAD: 75gc

Persons wishing to receive their bounties may enter one of the portals in the Emporium of Juxtaposition of a Million Spheres. [Specific instructions are given here.] Persons are NOT to go to the Marshals to receive their bounties.

The Order of the Grinning Skull.

(( For any further questions, contact me at encrusted_sunlight@hotmail.com. Also, if you want to receive your bounty, or schedule a meeting (because I'm not often online), then email me as well. ))

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