Homebrew A bit of homebrew: Tome of Variance A5E Edition


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It’s early days for house rules in LU: A5E, since it already brings so many great changes to D&D. My groups have mostly now converted to A5E and are loving it. We’ve tweaked our usual rules to fit in with some of the unique features of A5E and we’ve found the transition really easy going.

Our O5E Tome of Variance project has now wrapped up with today's v5.0 release and we've just finished adapting the O5E Open Gaming License version to an LU: A5E edition (also released on reddit), using the LUSRDs. Of course, we need to omit the O5E Fan Content Policy edition's MtG illustrations but that keeps it free and fully shareable under the OGL instead.

I know there are a lot of homebrewers on here so, if you might be interested, here're the links:
Would be very interested in your thoughts and if we've missed any A5E integration that'll crop up as we continue to play!

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