A call from the Hells



*You come upon a piece of parchment nailed to a post. It is writen in infernal, and can only be read by those that understand the language.*

To all ye that are evil, I call thee! The time has come for us to rule, and we shall do so! We shall crush the land of Juxta and make it our own! The army of the Hells will destroy anyone that gets in our way, in the name of Gondelreth.
There is no way that anything can stop the army from destroying the realm, and resistance will be punished with a slow, painful death. For those that wish to join my league, there are positions in my army remaning, waiting to be filled.

:b: :b: :b:

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It is official

We shall attack within a few weeks. Our troops are very strong, and our first attack will be made with nine thousand devils.

(devil army's status)
type: Pit Fiends
Initiative: +5
Speed: 40ft., fly 60ft.
AC: 30
Damage: Claw 1d6+7, wing 1d4+3, bite 2d6+3, tail slap 2d4+3
Special Abilities: Poison, spell-like abilities, fear aura,
improved grab, constrict 2d4+10, regeneration 5
Saves: Fort= +13, Ref= +9. Will= +13
Abilities: Str 25, Dex 13, Con 21, Int 20, Wis 20, Cha 16

We shall be victorious!!!

Grins very faintly as she writes a reply. She tacks the black parchment with silver ink next to the one she just looked upon.

Mm hm. Good luck with that.

I do wonder why a simple land with good people would bring nine thousand devils to the doorstep. One must wonder what you seek to find using numbers such as that. Perhaps someone will find it first and your attempt at war will only result in the death of your dear army. You do not know much of this place, I shall offer up this. No god would allow a massive attack as the one you imply to occur just out of the blue. Subtle hints they would drop if trouble was to come to those who follow them without question, constant in devotion.



lets his eye wander across the note then tacks up a small one of his own beneath it

whatever shall come the darkness shall not be unopposed. the ranks of light shall defend from the coming night.


First Post
A short man walks up to the board.

He notices that this is calling for evil, and paints a white sun on the board immedeatly.

He scribbles a fast note with a holy quill pen.

Nay! Thy land of Juxta shan't beith crushed! I proclaimeth, that if I see one moreth beast or scouteth of the shadoweth, I shall smiteth the greatereth evil in thy world, causing peaceth and celebration! I sayeth nay to the attacketh on Juxta! Nay!


First Post
Laughs and leaves his reply.

I do not fear devils (Only demons)! Your armies will break against the might of good like water upon rock! So bring your army.



Bhryn Astairre

Shortly writ, but to the point.

Oh, the carnival is coming back again? I do so love those clowns...

~ Bhryn Astairre
Lady of the Sword


First Post
Khaira's eyes wander over the various notes, until she comes to one calling evil creatures to crush Juxta. She laughs softly to herself before penning up a note.
"Your rotting bones shall join the bones of all those who have taken on this task before you.
Many has been the number and the times before that the Armies of Evil that have attempted to overtake Juxta. I shall laugh and smile when I stand over your corpse, my dear, foolish friend."



*walks up to the board with a chuckle then walks away after posting a note*

the note reads:

"To all those who it concerns Juxta is a land of complete and utter balance niether good nor evil can reign supreme upon the grounds of Juxta it has been tried from both sides before but some how it always ends up a perfect balance in the end so I say stop this bickering now you fools!"




*the woman pauses by the boards, glancing over the notices. Familiar handwriting catches her eye.

. o O ( Oh look... the one that asked after Kit'r. I wonder if he even bothered to check for answers... )

On a sudden whim, she finds the red crayon she picked up earlier in the day and adds in all the punctuation... *

Originally posted by Arken_Featherwind (but altered by me):
the note reads:

"To all those who it concerns, Juxta is a land of complete and utter balance. Neither good nor evil can reign supreme upon the grounds of Juxta. It has been tried from both sides before, but some how it always ends up a perfect balance in the end. So I say stop this bickering now you fools!"


*she then adds to the end:

Nice try,




Ceres passes the boards on his rare visit onto Juxta, stopping and quirking a brow. Shaking his head, he tacks up a small parchment with green lettering upon it.

Darkness has come to Juxta before, and never have they succeeded in gaining control. Nor shall they ever, for the forces of Light remain to ensure the balance.

Ceres Anasowata
Walker in the Mists



a slim halfling covered in tatoos walks up, grins, and writes a note which reads, in infernal:

you puny devils are to busy warring among yourselves to attack, if you come you will be crushed by hordes of those do gooder paladins, i have a strong mind to organize a psionic crusade against the nine hells of baator and i will crush asmodues



*appearing tacked next to the original note, held in place by a thin index finger bone possibly from an elf, is a note written in a dark red almost black substance on an odd parchment perhaps made from the skin of the owner of the finger.....the handwriting is plain though written in Infernal....the acrid stench of sulphur and brimstone are the only indications that a presences was near*

Fool you make known your attempts as would a demon of the foulest depths of the Abyss.

None the less your attempt will fail. Not from the hands of the snivelling do gooders will be your doom, nor the infidels that bear the mark of the protectors of the lands you wish to dominate. Your fall will come from those closest to you. For only the weak and those lacking of mental skill within our kind would try once more to take on this land.

Send these brothers of fire and brimstone against our more important advisaries. The creatures of chaos that breed so quickly we tax ourselves in defending what is by rights ours.

Heed my words for they will come to pass..........

Epic Threats

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