A Call to all Bounty Hunters



I am calling forth all bounty hunters to search for Juxta's latest criminal. The bounty has been set forth as follows:

Posted under the note is a copy of the bounty notice, which can be found here.

She is wanted for the murder of Merwin Fallor, a former jewel vendor in the marketplace.

Marshal Arciana Bellarosa
Marshal of Juxtaposition

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An armored figure approaches the notice board - the figure appears to be a shapely, athletic woman clad from head to toe in a close-fitting suit of full plate armor. The armor is contoured to display feminine curves, and sports a brightly polished gold finish. The simulated features molded into the faceplate of the close helm are strikingly attractive, but display a rather blank, neutral expression. Her movements are fluid and graceful with a precise economy of motion. Over the armor, she wears a hooded cloak of blue velvet and a leather sword belt that supports an ornate longsword sheathed at her left hip.

After studying the notice, she pens a quick reply. On her gauntleted hand is a ring bearing the symbol of the Bounty Hunters of Juxta (a sword and a scroll crossed beneath the Scales of Balance.)

"Eternally vigilant ~ Delana."


First Post
Walks up to the boards, seeing a particular post. He smiles, feeling his coin pouch.

It's about time we get some work. You will have the criminal in custody or in a coffin very soon, and I'll be five thousand gold pieces richer!



Agudo Archmage


Admiring the latest dally postings, a handsomely dressed wizard mumbles to himself.
“Merwin Fallor? No! it cant be can it? By all that is good why would any one kill such a well liked merchant.”

The blond headed wizard just shakes his head sadly.
“I still remember the exquisite silver ring that Merwin had made for me. Such artistic creations are rare in this land.”

A lovely snow owl that was sitting on his shoulder speaks up.
“I am sure those who are guilty will be brought to justice.”

The wizard brushes off his blue and white robes and ponders his wise friend words.
“Yes but until then I shall leave a note of my own.”

With a snap of his fingers, a flash of light appears, leaving a tan note that says the following.

To Whom It May Concern:

I Agudo the Archmage of Light, am truly shocked by the news of good merchant Merwin Fallor death.

To all bounty hunters who seek this fiendish criminal Traekcyln. I will happily add to the bounty.

By offering a rare Sun Elvin jade armor.
Its attributes are increased stealth, the wearer also can cast the spell of Freedom twice per day.

May the Light guide you brave Hunter to this sick creature!



reads the notice and turns without a word the sunlight glinting as he fishes a pendent out of one of his pouches and places it around his scalled neck, carved into the pendant is the juxtan symbol of justice

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