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ZEITGEIST A few random Zeitgeist lore questions


I'm currently finishing up Adventure One, and have a few questions:
(1) Towards the end of the adventure, Nathan can inform the PCs of a bright blue star he has been studying. There is a 99% chance my PCs will ask for the name of this star. Does it have a name?
(2) Is Lanjyr the only continent on the physical world in which the adventures of Zeitgeist takes place?
(3) The lines on the world map provided in the Player's Guide (p. 3) indicate Axis Island and a Border State (adjacent to Chrisillyir) sit on opposite poles of a globe. Is this correct?

I don't mind if there are no cannon answers for these questions. I just don't want to provide something to my PCs which contradicts future adventures.

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1 - Not intentionally. It could be Mojang, which is mentioned again in adventure 10.

2 - No. I'd always wanted to have the War of the Burning Sky setting to be on the other side, but Morrus said no. In any case, the landmasses extend off the map, so there's more stuff out there. It just doesn't get involved with the affairs of this adventure path.

3 - No. Those are a nod to historical seafaring maps. Someone explained to me once what they're for, and I don't remember. Maybe they're windrose lines or rhumb lines. I think our map, um, uses them incorrectly. Eep.

For example:


Hey, I can chime in with insight on this! It was indeed to plot course before the invention of the marine chronometer, when it was difficult to identify the position you were in. Following a direction in a straight line was better, but since map wouldn't reproduce the curvature of the Earth (and the math wasn't understood/widely known) they drew lines extending from several points at the center of the map and extending outward to draw the land you'd meet if you followed a straight direction from this point. As it was not uncommon to have many of this wind roses on a map, the assumption that Axis Island and the Border State are antipodal isn't necessarily true.

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