A Keep on the Borderlands: Consolidation

Dr Simon

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Some of the Copper Dwarves curse and splutter indignantly as Arcata throws a spell in their faces and Bastian shoulders them aside, but Menexes hussles the towards the gate of the Waystation and shouts something in Dwarven at the two Cobalt dwarves at the wicket, who obligingly rush forwards into the middle of the group of humans and Copper Dwarves. Menexes places himself in the wicket gate and gives a nod to Arcata.


OOC: I do not understand what is going on here. Are we now in control of the gate and can launch our attack, or are we still in the midst of the ruse?


(gasp...wow...long time! Um, from what I remember, Arcata's ploy was to fake her escape, trying to coax the Cobalts into pursuing her. It sounds like two of them have, but we're really hoping to get more out I believe, before springing the ambush)

Arcata glances back, with the best terrified look she can muster, and continues to flee, dragging Bastian along with her. They had to come out to get her, or it was all for nothing!

Dr Simon

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OOC: Well, I'd given this one up for dead, but I'm happy to continue! I believe that Arcata and Bastian at least were making a show of running away from the Copper dwarves so as to lure the Cobalt dwarves out of the gatehouse - I added in an element where Menexes of the Copper dwarves has moved to the gate in order to secure it after the Cobalt dwarves move out the way - so now anyone who wants to can either enter, or attack the Cobalt dwarves who are pursuing Arcata et al., or join in the lure.

As I recall, Sh'aah and some other Copper dwarves are currently hding in the cellar of the tower waiting to act.


ooc: I had to read back just to remember what my PC was doing... :-/

Sneaking through the cellar or basement with some dwarves. Trying to judge a good time to make an appearance by sounds. That's it. :)