D&D 5E A Monk Based on Kvothe, from "The Name of the Wind": How Do?


Definitely keep entertainer background but contrary to popular opinion I would not go Kensai. I would go Way of the Cobalt Soul, and reskin the short sword that monks get as a light rapier. Because Cobalt Soul is academic and the abilities are based around knowledge it has a parallel to the whole ancient University thing that Kvothe is at.

If you want to include a fey aspect then give him either fey-touched feat with either Charm Person, Sleep or Detect Magic, or mobile (if he cannot handle 2 spells) and skin it as "magically slippery" or some such. Or skilled and give him a bunch of knowledge skills. The player likes RP so he may get a kick out of the knowledge skills.
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What if you replaced the monk's wisdom bonus all with int. Anywhere you see wisdom replace with int.

That way you can mirror so of Kvothe's "super intelligent" style, he gets out of attacks due to his cleverness, he hits (stunning strike) with precision due to him mind (like the Robert Downey Jr Sherlock Holmes movies).

Seems like it would work alright.


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I have not read the books in a while and I just remembered something: didn't Kvote go to some village to train where they had a very strong "martial arts" culture?

Now that *specific * aspect of the character definitely matches the Kensei. I'm not sure if I am the only one who had forgotten, but your player's request makes a lot more sense now.


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  • Human variant with Mobile feat
  • Entertainer background ("Renaissance man" to emulate Kvothe)
  • Monk with these Tasha's options: Dedicated Weapon, Ki-Fueled Attack, and Focused Aim (oh and call Ki Points "panache points")
  • Kensei subclass (re-skinned as an Italian Renaissance swordsman subclass)
Yes this sounds pretty solid to me.


One thing's for certain, the second adventure for this character has to be a terrible slog focusing at least 75% on grinding out sympathy lamps to pay down student loans.

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