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So, I came up with this spell as a sort of last-ditch rescue spell. At first I wanted a reaction escape spell, so in a way it is a combination of misty step and revivify (except it doesn't really revive you, technically you're gone before you die). I figured that combining a 2nd and 3rd spell level effects in itself doesn't warrant a 7th-level spell slot, so I added the delayed effect, figuring that's something that would baffle whatever (or whoever) it is you're escaping from. I've kept the range (30 ft.) deliberatly short, as the spell only uses a Verbal component (since it's supposed to be cast in the last moment, I figured fiddling with Somatic and, especially, Material components would be too much), but I could be overcompensating here, considering that this falls into what the game considers High Magic (6th-9th level spells), and any spellcaster would generally be able to use it only once per day. On the other hand, how many times per day can you expect to (almost) die? :p I figure it's a Sorcerer and Wizard spell, but it could also be appropriate for Bards and Druids.

Now, I'd like to hear the community's opinions. Is it too weak, too strong, to meh...? Also, ideas on how to improve it, if improvement is what it needs :)

Lightning Rescue*
7th-level conjuration
Casting time: 1 Reaction, which you take when you receive damage that would reduce you to 0 hit points
Range: self
Components: V
Duration: Up to 1 minute

As the blade pierces your heart, a spell drains your life from you, as your body is being crushed by a giant's boulder, you utter the arcane syllables of this spell and your body and all the equipment you are carrying (up to your carrying capacity) discorporate in a burst of lightning. At the moment of your discorporation, you choose the time (up to 1 minute) and a location within 30 ft. of the place you discorporated. A bolt of lightning strikes the ground at the designated time, and you appear at 1 hit point. If the place you appear in is occupied, you appear in the closest available space instead. You are immediately aware of your surroundings and can take actions on your initiative order. If you cast this spell outside during stormy weather, you return with the number of hit points equal to your level.

While you are discorporated, the time does not pass for you. You can not take any actions, you cannot be affected by spells or effects, and you are not aware of anything that happens where you left from.

The spell is ineffective against spells or effects that would immediately kill you, such as the effects of power word, kill or disintegrate spells.

At Higher Levels: If you cast this spell at a higher level, you can modify one effect for each level above 7th: extend time of your appearance to up to 10 minutes, increase the range of your appearance to 300 ft., or cause one other creature your size or smaller that you are touching at the time of the casting of this spell, and that is not carrying more than their carrying capacity, to discorporate with you (both of you appear at the same time and in the same space you designated at the casting).

* Working title
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It would benefit from having more specific language on the casting time, as reaction spells generally lay out specific circumstances in the casting time. Shield for example is "1 reaction which you take when you are hit by an attack or targeted by the magic missile spell" which is probably approximately what you want. If it actually saves you from the damage, spell, etc. that triggers you being able to cast it, then make sure it specifies that.

I like it. I don't know that it merits 7th level as a matter of power, but that puts a suitable limitation on how often a character will use it. Alternatively it would be cool as a limited use magic item.


I would go with something like this:
Casting time: 1 Reaction, which you take when you receive damage that would drop you to 0hp
(Note! This would not take effect if you are outright killed, such as by Power Word: Kill. I would call that a feature, tbh)


This is a combination of Revivify (3rd level) and Dimension Door (4th level) so should be 8th level.
What makes you think so? Teleportation range is in line with misty step (30 ft.), and the casting time (1 reaction) is also closer to misty step. Dimension door is 1 Action and 500 ft. If you're thinking of the additional creature, that's already listed in the At Higher Level options, and would be an 8th-level spell.

But I should, perhaps, add the carrying capacity restrictions based on dimension door.


If you go in a puff of lightning and appear in one, maybe a little lightning damage is in order (just for flavour) have everything within 5ft of the space you left and where you appear receive 3d8 points of lightning damage.


A spell you can use as a reaction in response to taking damage that would take you out of the fight is qualitatively different than one that requires an action before or after you would be taken out of the fight.

Revify as a reaction would be way stronger than it is. If you had it known and you had the slot, it would be a no-brainer to use it. Revify as an action has a hefty cost, in that actions are powerful, and you could spend it winning the fight instead of bringing a companion back at 1 HP; as a reaction, it is nearly free action-economy wise.

This spell is a get-out-of-jail free card. In any fight where you have a reaction and the slot, burning the slot is going to be a nearly no-brainer, even if it was a 9th level spell.

Wording wise, you should be "reduced to 0 HP and would be rendered unconscious, not killed" I think will cover it.

As the spell is already really strong, I'd strip out the delay. You'd still want to use it.

Lightning Rescue*
8th-level conjuration
Casting time: 1 Reaction, which you can use when you are reduced to 0 HP but not killed outright
Range: self
Components: V
Duration: Instantaneous

As the blade pierces your heart, a spell drains your life from you, as your body is being crushed by a giant's boulder, you utter the arcane syllables of this spell and your body and all the equipment you are carrying (up to your carrying capacity) discorporate in a burst of lightning. You then teleport 30' and appear with HP equal to your level. All creatures within 10' of your starting location or destination must make a saving throw or take 3d8 lighting damage; if they pass the saving throw, they take half damage.

This version of the spell is both significantly worse and a higher level spell, and still worth memorizing and casting.


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I think it's most similar to Death Ward, which is 4th level.

Pros of Lightning Rescue
The main advantage it has over Death Ward is the added teleport.
I don't think the time delay is a big deal, and can only think of a few edge cases where coming back any later than right now would be useful.

Pros of Death Ward
It has a range of touch, plus no concentration of "if you cast it again the first one goes away" clause, so you if you have the slots you can protect the whole party.
It protects against death effects.

Pros Hard to Judge
The Lighting Rescue's reaction vs Death Ward's "any time in the next eight hours" is tricky to judge. Reaction is nice because you don't use the slot unless you need it (i.e. don't have to worry about somebody killing you 9 hours after death ward). Also no worry about it being dispelled, though I think that's rare.
One the other hand with Death Ward the benefit even if you've used your reaction or you have a condition that prevents reactions.


Death Ward requires expending slots before you know you'll need it.

This one requires (a) expending a "known" spell, and (b) having resources left when the event happens. When it happens, it becomes a no-brainer.

This is a very, very different situation. You can reduce "needing the resource" to "dedicating the resource", but that decision gets deferred to the point when you are finally down to your last slot (do you save it for the emergency or not).

Having your reactions removed is pretty rare. Having your reactions removed and dieing doubly so.

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