D&D 5E A Peek At Witchlight's WARDUKE!

We've known for a while that next month's Wild Beyond the Witchlight features a number of 80s D&D characters, including Warduke the evil fighter. We now have a clear view of what he looks like in his 5E incarnation!

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I’m curious what level the book will have him, 7-12 range? I doubt he’ll be the 3.0/3.5 version of level 18/20ish if I remember somewhat correctly.

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Alas, I fear I've failed you then, my friend. We started playing the old HeroQuest boardgame when the kid was 4 or 5, No Thank You, Evil! at 5 or 6, and D&D (well, technically Basic Fantasy Roleplaying, which we morphed into Rules Cyclopedia D&D after a few months) at 6.

Now we play Dungeon Crawl Classics, which for my money is the best of them all.

I stress the heroics of the situations, but since I started the whole thing with Conan stories and the '84 Schwartzenegger movie (plus Beastmaster, Krull, et al), the hoboing was gonna happen no matter what I did.
Oh no! The kid is to young to be Old School!

Looking at the old LJN AD&D toyline, what strikes me is just how colorful they are. The primary colors are vividly on display in most of the toys, whether it's Warduke's blue, red, and yellow, the Titan's eyewatering yellow and red, and so on.

Kinda sad his helmet's not bright blue.

Looks back at my original Warduke toy behind me...he's always been a lefty.
More significantly, how come he is suddenly left handed?!

Looks like all the figures had bad coloring. Likely the factory colors that could be produced on plastic at the time.
I would say it probably is a combination of what coloring could be done the cheapest and wanting bright, "less realistic" colors to emphasize to parents that these were harmless children's toys and not the path to satanism.

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