D&D 5E A playthrough of The Shattered Obelisk (spoilers)

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Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Traal
The original was put together while the core books were still being finalized so some things weren't right. It sounds like the same was done with this - art commissioned with giant spiders where there wasn't any, the fungus room stopping Spider even though in the end without the poison gas the two violet fungi would not have.

I wonder if that piecemeal quality was just because it was revising an old adventure, or if the rest is also a draft with patches applied that don't always match up with other patches.

I suspect the rest of the adventure as all new will actually be smoother than the redo of LMOP, but would appreciate your views if anything leaps out as you run it.

Either way, this has been an entertaining thread; thanks for your efforts.

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