A question about the White Lotus Riposte feat.



The White Lotus Riposte feat states that:

When an enemy you hit with an arcane at-will attack power attacks you before the start of your next turn, that enemy takes damage (of the same type the attack power deals) equal to the ability modifier to the attack power’s damage.


If a character who had the White Lotus Riposte feat hit an enemy with an at-will arcane attack power, then spent an action point to do so again (successfully hitting with the same at-will power or a different one), and if the enemy did attack the caster, would the enemy be subject to the effect of the feat from both at-will powers (if they both hit)?


Spawn of Khyber/LEB Judge
No, as the condition is applied once by my reading:
- Did you hit them w/ an arcane attack power (yes. Twice, but that's irrelevant)
- Did they attack you (yes)
- Then they take damage
Note, it doesn't say per attack of yours; the attack of yours just establishes the first condition.


That makes sense. In the case that both at-will attacks use a different damage element, would I get to choose which element the enemy is damaged with or would it only be set by the first at-will attack that hits? Would it be set by the first attack that hits, but then get "overwritten" by a second successful attack?


My thoughts would be the second attack would be the damage as that's the most recent hit on the enemy