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I was wondering about ISRP Topic or board.. what you call it, area to post for storylines, or like a story board? I am sorry I am not really knowledgable in the lingo. Like if characters from ISRP wanted to play something out in the boards. Is there a place to go for this? I mean I saw the monsterous enworld topics and threads. I was wondering if there was something more just for ISRP chatters? If there are other boards for this, I would love to know the URL.

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In the past we've suggested that people use the general EN World forums. I'll talk to Gabe and see if he's up for making a new section here.

Meanwhile, I'm fine with using the Great Bazaar section for play-by-post. To do that, please do the following too:

(1) Start an OOC thread here in the Chit-Chat section. This is the thread for recruiting players and for discussing characters and plot points, etc., you know, all the mechanics. It should have the same title as the main storyline thread but with "- OOC" added.

(2) Start the storyline thread in the Great Bazaar with title and "- Restricted to Players" if you want it to be. The first post should have a notice of how to become one of the players, including a link to the OOC thread.

(3) Recognize that any play that's taken into ISRP chat automatically becomes open while there, unless it's in one of the GM rooms. But if you guys show up in the Tavern, then you have to expect/allow interaction with other people in the Tavern, etc.

(4) Remember also it's got to conform to the ISRP Code of Conduct, because that applies to posts, too.

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