A Ransom Note


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When the tavern is nearly empty, a being of average height, hidden behind a deep brown cloak, moves for the boards, posting this short message:

Under the command of the demon Titus, the being known as Venctress has been taken. If the Lord Titus is not given the amount of two million in gold coins, the girl will be killed. It is fortunate for those who care for her that currently, there has been no time limit established on this offer. However, this could change, and even if it does not, it would be unfortunate for the girl to remain in captivity long.

The being wastes no time once the message is up, slipping out through the garden door and away down the path.

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The inky blackness returns to search the notices with hungry eyes, has she been found? The tavern is nearly empty as he comes at dawn, what he sees is devastating and he falls to what can only be assumed as his knees. An agonized cry comes from within the confines of his hood as he stares up at the board and what is written.

"2 million gold" a hissing feline voice crawls from the hood.

He sinks into the floorboards, new knowledge now at hand as he thinks of what can possibly be done.


The humble tiefling that is Lord Den'Mac Coban steps up to the boards, his eyes widening, not in shock at the fact the girl was taken but more the amount in request for her life, he wanders off to find the tools he needs, soon returning to tac up a reply.

Lord Titus.

For the life of this child, you will see your coin, the entire two million. All I ask is that child be left unharmed and that fourteen days be given for such an amount to be collected, it would be prefered that such a hand over be made in person. I care for the life of this child, more then I can admit in person, she is close to my own...

Fourteen days and you see you coins. Fourteen days the child is to be released into my hands unharmed. With this I give you but a small token, a token which will be noticed missing, but for this child I will do what it takes.

Lord Den'Mac Coban.

Along with the reply he tacs up a small leather pouch, rectangular, 4 inches wide by six inches deep, the image of a coin featuring the head of a long forgotten king of some land, engraved on the pouch. And within the pouch giving the fact it makes it to the desired person, coins can be found, many more then what it appears to be abe to hold, should it reach the demon it is intended for, a total of 5 more pouches, smaller in side can be withdrawn, each containing but 500 gold within, should those it is not intended for take it, it is empty.


First Post
Wandering here one fine day she pauses upon two notices. The first talking about a missing child, the second about ransom for said child. She shakes her head.

o O(This is why you DON'T bring children to this place. Heck THIS is why any sane person would avoid this place! And look at this, so quick to jump and pay....has any of them thought Titus might NOT have the child? Children do run off, especially at that age....)

Shaking her head she moves to BG, turning in her key for the room she's always had reserved here and paying up her balance before turning and walking out.

James V

First Post
James glances by then chuckles a bit reading. He quietly ponders a thought along the lines of . o O ( Damn...Titus is gettin' paid, wonder if He'll buy whiskey for me, probably not...he hates me but meh... )

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