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D&D 5E A reptilian world?

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What is a saurial?
Dinosaur people.


Casimir Liber

then you gotta start thinking steeds and herd animals....

e.g. clawfoot raptor/clawfoot = attack/guard dog thingy

giant riding lizard (from OOtA)


Dances with Gnolls
As a massive, massive fan of lizardfolk, I find this idea FAR too appealing...

I can't build the world for them! I already have two campaigns I am running/working on! ...yet I must...


Not sure if these guys are more lizardmen or dragonborn.
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Closer to lizardmen than dragonborn (rather slow, no breath weapon). But since they live underground and don't tolerate bright light very well, maybe drow or kuo-toa? A sleestak's tail & horn are awful stubby, but those details could be changed to get you a tiefling or dragonborn—or lizardman.

Of course, there only ever being three of them at one place & time might be a problem in trying to field an army. :)

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