A Slightly different Myth - The Elven Point of View

The Sundering

Once we lived in joyful innocence beneath the leafy green boughs and in the depths of the jewel blue seas. Our only neighbors were the dragons in the sky. We were Fae and one with The World.

The Dwarves came. They were dour folk from deep within the bones of the World. We drove them back when they sought to harvest our forests to feed their forges but our battles were few and without malice.

A great storm came that raged across the World. Its winds and rains changed the lands and the seas and left the humans in its wake.

We welcomed the newcomers only to be slain out of fear and ignorance.

Our old adversaries, the dwarves, left the sunlight for the safety of their dark and we became divided into those that retreated and those that stayed. They that stayed believed that by educating the humans we might find new friends and so they shared with them our lore and our magic.

But they could not have known about the fire that burned in the hearts of the humans to change and to control all that they beheld. Soon we were almost undone by our own naiveté.

Humankind was unstoppable, even the mighty dragons fled before their industry.

The World was changed and we began to lose our bond with it.

Only with the sacrifice of Correllon and his brethren did we survive.

They and we that followed remained behind, accepted the burden of civilization and the warding of the forest and of the seas, so that our race would survive.

From the writings of Larelle
High priest of Corellon

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