A Walk on the Lycan Side


First Post
Caldoryn chuckles and smirks, "I'll uhh..take that as a compliment?"
Aethlam sits with his back to a tree. He folds his slender legs up against his chest and quietly watches her.
Roan shakes her head slowly, there seems to be no filter on her mouth or her thoughts, "I don't compliment anyone I don't know."
Blythe moves to sit on her bench, smirking as she watches this.
Bianica folds her own legs neatly, and rests her forearms on her knees, looking like she could almost be faking meditation. Her eyes flick
over to Aethlam, questioning with a soft smirk pulling at her lips, "A little better, at least?"
Caldoryn scratches the stubble on his chin, watching Roan. "You should try it..might make more friends."
Artur mutters softly. "Cursed wolves. Is there no realm free of their blight?"
Roan says, "Why? Why not be honest, makes people respect you more. Besides I have plenty of friends, you just smell like me".
Samm Turns and brings his eyes upon Artur..He sniffs at the air..but does nothing else..He moves and returns back to Bunny then.
Aethlam nods his snowy head. "...Thank you."
Bianica says, "My pleasure, Skylar. Best to keep you relaxed and out of danger... as naive as you seem, I'm sure you could defend
yourself. Next thing I know there's a hurricane firing out your ass... no thanks.".
Bianica chuckles, "A happy Skylar makes for a happy Bi."
Caldoryn looks up and over at Artur as if he just shouted those words.
Aethlam 's mouth curls upward again. "I do not think I can do that."
Samm Smiles at Bunny as he furrows his brow slightly
Samm says, "Sorry".
Caldoryn motions to Sam.
Blythe says, "Roan, why are you here?".
Bianica says, "You 'think', but when you're scared sometimes amazing and terrifying things can happen at the same time.".
--Garden: Roan has left at 8:59 pm
Samm Furrows his brow even more and then turns to look directly at Artur.
Artur smiles grimly at Caldoryn when he looks, then returns to watching the wizard with the quill.
Samm Starts towards the man.
Bunny smiles back. "It's okay. Things happen. I've got to be off for the moment, but hopefully I'll see you again soon?"
Bari wanders down the path, fixing his hat on his head. Since he has no description on his profile, he's a 4 feet tall halfling with red curly
hair on his head and on the top of his bare feet, and a slightly disgusted expression as he stops midways to the tavern, sniffing and peering
around inquisitively, " ...damn, it smells like rotten wet dog in here... Cass?"
Aethlam says, "I have been scared often ever since I lost my away. It has not happened yet. But I will be...careful. Just in case.".
Artur sits cross-legged in his spot, turning his attention to Samm as he approaches.
Caldoryn keeps an eye on things while asking Blythe at his side, "I didn't get a chance to see you this morning."
Aethlam my way*
Samm Stops two arms lengths from him
Bianica says, "Has anything tried to attack you?".
Olelghinn jots down what he must, but the halfling does have a point. He shakes his head and makes his way back towards the tavern,
thinking that's enough work done on the automaton of the Garden.
Blythe watches Samm as well, her words clipped as she speaks, "It's better than way. Just doing this for the pack, right?"
--Garden: Olelghinn has left at 9:02 pm
Artur says, "Wolf.".
Samm says, "I would appreciate it if you would apologize".
Artur says, "I won't.".
Bunny sighs as she slips out the gate
--Garden: Bunny has left at 9:02 pm
Bianica adjusts her sword lightly as she levels her gaze consistently on Aethlam now, cool and collected on the exterior, but her ears are
forever listening.
Caldoryn lifts a brow and sighs, "It's not only that."
Blythe says, "Oh?".
Blythe still doesn't look at him, her eyes narrowing on Samm and Artur.
Samm says, "I am asking nicely, politely..its just a request, nothing more".
Aethlam smiles a little. "They would have had to find me first. I am very good at not being seen."
Artur says, "And it is a request that I will not honor. It does not matter how nicely or politely you ask.".
Bari takes his hat off, fanning the odour away quickly as he moves to stop by the doorside, peering at the garden, "Ugh.. "
Samm Smiles and nods
Bianica says, "Of course, that much is clear. I'm just saying, maybe there's a whole lot more to you than what meets the eye.".
Samm says, "Thank you".
Samm Turns and sees Bunny is gone..he furrows his brow then looks to Caldoryn and Blythe
Artur says, "I have not done, nor will I ever do, anything that will give you cause to thank me.".
Aethlam lifts his delicate shoulders gently. "I suppose...anything is possible."
Bianica says, "Yes, and you're teaching me that more than anyone else at this particular moment.".
Caldoryn gives Blythe a pleading look but sighs as he looks back to Sam. "We'll discuss this later." Walks over towards Artur.
Aethlam turns his eyes back to her, puzzled. "I am?"
Samm Turns and looks back to Artur
Artur simply sits and waits as Caldoryn approaches.
Samm says, "I did ask nicely".
Blythe rolls her eyes some at Cal's words before crossing her arms over her chest.
Bianica says, "There's such a thing as people that look like the sky. It's all quite fascinating.".
Artur shrugs nonchalantly at Samm. "You did. But that does not change my opinion or my position."
Samm says, "Indeed".
Aethlam turns his own eyes up toward the sky. "There are many wondrous things in the world. Many have forgotten how to see them."
Caldoryn holds up a hand to Sam while sizing up Artur. "Keep your opinions to yourself. We're not exiles come back to please you. We
belong here as any other species."
Bari arches a brow, "Mixed with... sweet stuff."
Artur says, "You belong nowhere. And I am under no obligation to keep my opinions to myself. I can do with them as I wish.".
Blythe huffs again, moodily.
Bari then looks aside, frowning at nobody, "Yeah I'm talking to you, you could answer from time to time!"
Bianica snorts to that. "Yes, I'm one of them. I barely see past a blade's edge anymore. But the vacation's going for a positive turn, at
Aethlam says, "Is that so?".
Caldoryn licks the edge of his mouth and shakes his head. "Then you're a fool to seek trouble when we didn't come here to start any."
Bianica says, "Try not to faint, but I was actually dancing with a fellow last night. Very charming, he was.".
Artur says, "I did not seek trouble. You approached me.".
Caldoryn says, "By cursing us as a blight to society? Oh how very subtle of you.".
Aethlam perks his brows in interest as he looks back at her. "I did not know you dance."
Bari peers through the tavern's window for a moment, hmming. "Nah... " and he starts off.
--Garden: Bari has left at 9:13 pm
Bianica eh's as she shrugs, her metallic arm whirring with a few gears that rotate to make the motion possible. "I do a little bit of the waltz,
nothing terribly fancy. Was told it was 'proper' to know a little, so I know a little."
Artur shrugs. "Nor I did I claim subtlety. You spoke the truth. You chose to come over here and bother me over it."
Aethlam says, "I wish I could have seen it. There was a time...".
Aethlam 's expression goes puzzled again and his words trail off.
Samm Moves to stand over by Blythe
Artur mutters to himself as he corrects his typo. "I spoke the truth."
Bianica raises her brows mildly. "There was a time for what?"
Blythe looks up at Samm, "Pleasant fellow, eh?"
Caldoryn flexes his hands, "And now I'm feeling the itch to resolve this matter permanently."
Artur says, "Oh? You plan to kill yourself? I am glad that you are willing to make such a sacrifice.".
Aethlam 's clear brow furrows and darkens just slightly as if he searches fleeting memories. "Banners and bells. Horns and the twirling of
silks while maidens danced beneath the apple trees..."
Samm says, "Its a matter best left alone..after all it is only words, nothing more.".
Blythe says, "Pride is hard to let go of. And he's our leader. He'll feel it more than any of us.".
Caldoryn laughs at Artur, "I wonder if your tongue is the only thing with a spine."
Aethlam shakes his head slowly.
Bianica tilts her head faintly at him. "Do you not remember your history, Sky?"
Artur shrugs nonchalantly.
Caldoryn draws a small blade and pats it on the palm of his other hand. "Challenge, elsewhere so we can keep the place clean of parts. Do
you accept?"
Blythe laughs just a bit, "Cal is enjoying himself, he must like blood."
Artur simply shrugs once again. "It would be simpler and less painful if you would end yourself."
Samm says, "Or he likes conflict..o O(a good leader knows when to avoid it..especially if it isnt necessary)".
Caldoryn grins smugly, "You're really not doing yourself any favors by repeatedly being a coward."
Blythe . o O ( Cal > Let the coward be for now. If we continue this it'll only show others to fear us. They'll dislike and distrust us all they
want but it's because they don't understand us. )
Artur says, "I'm being a coward? I didn't decline your challenge. And I understand your kind well enough. Do not fool yourselves. I know
what you are.".
Bianica . o O ( Or you just talk a lot of :):):):) for someone who doesn't say much. )
Aethlam exhales softly. "I remember a woodland glen as emerald as all of June. I remember the blossoms of the appletrees. Generations
of young deer and foxes and dark rabbits with their wide eyes. Sometimes I dream and it is always spring. And sometimes I have
Caldoryn tosses the small dagger on the ground in front of Artur, sticking out by the hilt. Crosses his arms and sighs at him, "You
understand nothing other than your own flawed sense of superiority. And if you'd be anymore of a man, you would prove me wrong by
accepting the challenge. Hell, I'll even settle for any answer at this point."
Bianica shifts a little to face Aethlam more, maybe she ought to be focusing on what he has to say, and so she does with her knuckles
tucking beneath her chin. "Do your nightmares include snow?"
Blythe groans, pressing a hand to her face gently, "This is worthless. The guy's first word was delusional!"
Samm Moves over to Caldoryn
Artur stands slowly, sliding his hands along his robes to smooth them. "You are impulsive and foolish. But I will accept."
Samm Lays a hand upon his shoulder
Aethlam frowns and shakes his head. "No..."
Samm says, "Perhaps it is best to let this go".
Blythe groans again, "Ugh!"
Caldoryn claps mockingly in front of Artur. "Well done, that's the first sign I've seen of intelligence."
Bianica says, "That was a bit of bad humor, but okay. Do they make sense at all?".
Artur says, "I've not seen any from you yet.".
Caldoryn gestures down a pathway away from the garden. "You can even select the grounds we fight on."
Aethlam lifts his shoulders again, his voice soft. "Shadows and flashes of color and light. It feels like I am on fire. At my wrists and ankles
and at my throat. There is fire. And a cold moon. Cold bronze talons and eyes..." He suddenly gives a soft, clear bleating sound and
presses his hands over his eyes.
Artur says, "It does not matter.".
Caldoryn eyes both Blythe and Sam as he heads down towards the trail.
--Garden: Caldoryn has left at 9:34 pm
Artur begins down the trail, whistling cheerfully.
--Garden: Artur has left at 9:34 pm
Bianica sits up. "All right, all right... no need to go back into the real unpleasant stuff. They sound more like memories than dreams,
personally, since they are so vivid. Are they repeating dreams as well?"
Samm Looks to Blythe
Blythe growls, grumbling as she stands following slowly. "I dunno what to expect, but this is his battle."
Samm Nods

Welcome! You have entered The Trail at 9:35 pm
The Trail: Samm has entered at 9:36 pm
The Trail: Torval has entered at 9:36 pm
Artur saunters down the trail, whistling cheerfully. He pauses, kneeling for a moment as he reaches into the earth and pulls free a curved
saber of glimmering silver.
The Trail: Jaquen has entered at 9:37 pm
Caldoryn heads down to a foggy clearing by the main trail to the garden. A waft of smoke linger on the ground at about 2'. The moon is out
and beaming its rays over the ground.
The Trail: Fly on the Wall has entered at 9:38 pm
Torval descends into the area and carefully moves through the fog to find a place to watch.
Blythe moodily meanders down the path, arms crossed over chest. Stands at the edge of the clearing.
The Trail: Taldia has entered at 9:39 pm
Artur continues to the clearing, his saber flashing in the moonlight. He stops finally, looking upwards at the moon. "Hail, my friend."
Taldia appears sitting on a rather large tree branch watching the clearing below her.
Samm remains at the edge as well now..not entirely too keen with the moon being out
Samm Looks to blythe
Caldoryn removes his coat and tosses it over a hanging branch. Rolls his neck by the tree and pulls out a vibrant punching dagger with a
sharp edge. Paces around Artur, "Are you ready to be silenced?"
Samm says, "He said i was the omega, what does that mean?".
Artur stops in the center of the clearing, the saber held loosely in his hand. A smirk crosses his face. "You cannot silence the truth, cur."
Blythe glances to Samm and gives a shrug, "We'll see about that after this. You might move up, depends. For now, be catious."
Samm Blinks in surprise
Samm Then looks to the combatants
Caldoryn crouches down in a poise to pounce. "Always the ones who think they own the truth experience the greatest fall."
Blythe looks back to Cal a little regret in her eyes.
Caldoryn begins the fray by circling Artur and leaping high to attempt a stabbing attack with the punching dagger. Without much force, it's
obvious he's testing the defense.
Artur stands still and straight. "And what do you know of truth, wolf of darkness?" He turns, making no other moves as the attack is
deflecting by an unseen force.
Torval locks a bolt into his crossbow and positions it where he sits.
Samm Watches carefully as he already begins to feel the tug of the moon calling to him.
Samm Clenches his jaw tightly.
Caldoryn gets a good read on the extent of the barrier from Artur and stops his attacks. Scolds him, "Hiding behind your magic as well?
Just when I thought you couldn't be anymore pathetic."
Artur says, "I use the tools available to me. I cannot be blamed if you do not have the intellect for such workings.".
The Trail: Nikol has entered at 9:53 pm
Caldoryn closes his eyes as the markings of red calligraphy surface on his skin. He murmers for a moment then opens his eyes and steps
to the side, dividing into a clone of the original. He then steps again and divides once more. This continues until there are 6 copies of Cal
surrounding Artur. They all say in unison, "And just as foolish to make naive assumptions about your opponent."
Artur laughs, his posture still straight and tall. "You call that magic? It is naught by the petty workings of demon-things."
Caldoryn looks up at the moon and a yellow hue fills his eyes. 3 of the copies wrack their bodies and contort into dire wolves of black pelts
and slathering maws. All three howl and rip up the ground as they charge the dome protecting Artur. The three human Cal's all engage as
well with their separate daggers.
Blythe watches, narrowing her eyes.
Samm grabs at his stomach as Caldoryn howls..He clenches his teeth together more tightly.
Artur points at a wolf, the shield lashing out as a brillant flash of white light. He waits still, slowly lifting his saber.
Hadiya A bloody pullsack is hurled over the treeline, landing in between the two combatants. It is small, yet big enough for say a lycan
puppy ?
Blythe looks to Samm with a raised brow, "Breath deeply, concentrate. "
Samm Nods and closes his eyes and takes deep breaths as she says
Blythe 's eyes the bloody mass, her heart beating faster.
Caldoryn One of the wolves dissapates from light and the others pull back to investigate the mysterious pullsack.
Samm Smells it and pops his eyes open quickly..He looks about the treeline then.
Artur points at another wolf, the light swinging around in a smooth, curving crescant towards it.
Samm Feels his skin begin to itch as he breaths heavily and his brow beads with sweat.
Blythe gulps nervously, glancing around as well. "She's back.."
Caldoryn Another wolf dissapates from light. The three human copies of Cal merge together into one and he points at Torval and Taldia to
cross the treeline.
Samm Moves quickly to the Sack, nodding to Blythe's statement
Taldia jumps down from her branch at his command and begins toward the treeline.
Samm Grabs the sack and brings it back to where he was before..crouching, he opens it and looks inside
Artur displays no interest in the sack, directing the light towards the third and final wolf.
Torval is already on higher ground from the clearing. Points his crossbow out into the woods and searches.
Taldia starts her search, her quarterstaff glowing with light so she sees better.
Caldoryn 's last dire wolf vaporizes. Cal evades anymore light while obviously distracted.
Torval joins Taldia at ten paces and sniffs the area.
Taldia looks to Torval and nods to him before she takes a step further.
Artur closes his hand into a first, the light dissipating into the mist.
Blythe begins to move toward the sack, her heart thumping in her ears loudly. Looks to Samm as he opens it and stills.
Samm rolls 1d10: 2
Samm Immediately recognizes the lycan inside...he quickly looks to Blythe and quickly closes the sack.
Artur says, "Come, wolf! I thought you wished to fight me? To <b>silence</b> me?".
Blythe whimpers, "What... What is it?"
Samm rolls 1d10: 8
Samm says, "Nothing to worry about..and nothing you need to see".
Samm Ties the sack shut and leaves it where it is.
Caldoryn regains focus and looks to Artur. Uses a hand to locate the edge of his barrier and closes his eyes again with the red glyphs on
his skin pulsing. A dispel is released.
Blythe frowns watching the sack fall to the earth before looking back up to Samm, "Who is it..?"
Samm says, "I dont know..its not one of ours".
Artur currently has no shield to be dispelled. "Further proof of my words. Even orcs and goblins care for the young of others of their kind."
The Trail: Hadiya has left at 10:19 pm
Blythe visibly relaxes, relieved of this news. She places a hand to her heart to be still. "I thought she found them.."
Samm Shakes his head
Samm says, "thankfully not".
Samm Looks back to Artur and Caldoryn then
Caldoryn fortunately is able to dispel any wards upon his target, shield or no. Prepares to strike closer with his dagger. "I think the world
has had enough of your words, even if you have not."
Torval assumes he finds nothing?
Blythe has many thoughts running through her mind as she turns her silver eyes back to Cal as well.
Artur says, "I did not ask for you to think, cur. Your kind is not known for its ability to think.".
Caldoryn moves with uncanny speed onto the side of Artur and attempts to plant his dagger into a kidney.
Blythe . o O ( I'm thinking now... )
Samm Watches the fight..he can feel his pulse quickening with excitement
Samm . o O ( about what? )
Blythe . o O ( Male doesn't think that we 'think' much. Well, I'm thinking now. )
Samm Smirks as he takes deep breaths again.
Blythe purses her lips in thought.
Artur twists, the movement producing a wince across his face, the dagger dragging along the flesh of his left side, though it doesn't seem to
break the skin. He twists his wrist, splaying his fingers outwards, the mist flashing into light around Caldoyn's feet to entrap and slow him,
even as Artur brings his saber up in a quick thrust.
Taldia moves deeper into the woods, vanishing.
The Trail: Taldia has left at 10:27 pm
Torval follows Taldia into the woods.
The Trail: Torval has left at 10:27 pm
Caldoryn is grazed by the saber, giving him the space to avoid any misty traps. He feels his arm as the cut stings from the material used.
Caldoryn drops his dagger and draws out two short swords from his coat. Both are engraved with efreeti runes.
Samm Growls deeply as he struggles not to change.
Artur twists his hand, stabbing his fingers at Caldoryn as hundreds of silvery flechettes, each composed of silvery light, erupt from the mist
towards him. He clenches his teeth, his eyes shifting upwards for a moment before returning to Caldoryn.
Caldoryn backs off from the projectiles and leverages against a nearby tree to leap up and over them to land in front of Artur. If successful,
he tries to stab both towards the knees to buckle him.
Caldoryn stab both swords*
Blythe finds a nearby tree stump and sits crossing a leg over the other to relax and watch.
Artur falls backwards as his eyes trace the arc of Caldoryn's leap. He hits the mist and it billows up around him, engulfing his form and
shrouding him from sight.
Caldoryn slices mist, then.
Caldoryn winces at the residue of silver on his arm.
Artur thrusts upwards from the mist beneath Caldoryn, his saber flashing in the light.
Samm Gives in and shifts
Samm Shifts quickly and cries out as he does..clothes and weapons lay upon the ground as well..
Caldoryn is caught in the leg now as he's uprooted by a misty shape. Grimaces at the shot of silver through the bloodstream and has to
hobble backward.
Samm Finished, he howls loudly
Samm Snarls and snaps wildly as his muscles tense...he glares at Artur now.
Blythe chuckles knowing what Samm's up to. "Now this should be interesting. Go get 'em."
Caldoryn undergoes a rather ugly limbo of transformation - fur growing out on his face and hands but his human side resisting. The silver
seems to be putting him into a state of internal discord.
Artur rolls out of the silver mist, ending in a crouch before he stands, using his free hand to smooth his robes. A shudder runs through his
body, his face tightening. o O (The compasses to circumsribe our desires and keep our passions in due bounds wil all mankind.)
Samm Turns and grabs one of his short swords into his mouth, clamping his teeth about its hilt.
Blythe moves into the clearing, careless of the silver it means nothing. :)
Samm Rushes forward whether or not Caldoryn wants his help or not
Caldoryn clenches the open wound on his thigh and heaves. His mouth has grown half a snout and teeth that are part canine.
Samm charges Artur intending to slash him with the blade which suddenly becomes frosted over just before impact.
Blythe takes hold of Cal if allowed, attempting to move him into the treeline. "Don't trust magics.. " she grumbles.
Caldoryn weakly holds a protesting hand out to Blythe and Sam, not wanting help.
Blythe takes hold anyways, quote 'doesn't look healthy'. No objections allowed.
Artur throws an open palm up at Samm, a burst of sunlight erupting in his face, followed by a vicious thrust towards his face with the silver
Caldoryn is moved by Blythe as the silver continues to course his veins and cause him fair discomfort.
Blythe moves him off to the side pushing on his shoudlers for him to take a seat. "I don't know what to do about the silver. Guide me?"
Samm Too late, already charged his intended target..would continue his charge..dispite the light and the saber..he yelps loudly from both
attacks by Artur but also knows his own attack should have hit the man as well.
Blythe it's a pattern, it WON'T hit.
Samm Leaps back howling in pain and drops the blade to the ground.
Caldoryn tries to numb himself to the pain and looks out at Sam, shaking his head. "No, bring him back. This is not his fight!"
Artur feels the short sword dig into his arm, drawing blood and points out that unless avoided, a silver saber through the face would kill a
Blythe glances over to Samm for a long moment before looking back to Samm, "Not like he's going to harm the touched anyways." sighs
and stands moving over close to Samm and in a comanding voice he can't refuse. "Samm. "
Samm Whimpers as blood pours from his wound.(player decides he will leave that up to fate and a roll of the dice..even its a fatal wound,
odd its not...using a 1d10).
Samm rolls 1d10: 6
Samm Drops to his knees whimpering horribly as darkness clouds his vision
Artur backs away, releasing the saber to dissipate into silver dust as he presses the now free hand against his wound.
Blythe narrows her eyes on Samm before looking back at Cal.
Caldoryn resotres some balance in his body and looks human again. Stands with great effort and comes over to the fallen wolf, coming to
his knees and brushing the fur on the side.
Samm Blinks slowly and growls as well..his breath is shallow.
Blythe follows Cal bending beside Samm.
Caldoryn murmers in a low tone but clearly for Artur to hear, "You've crossed the lin of sanity. By nearly slaying one of ours, you've marked
a blood enemy of our pack forever."
Samm Tries to get up, but cant..he closes his eyes as his breathing stops
Artur says, "Do I look as if I fear such? You offered the challenge, his wound and his death is on your hands.".
Caldoryn grinds his teeth either in pain or in anger, "Out of respect for the dead, I won't continue this fight. Leave now."
Blythe presses a hand to Cal gently, to soothe.
Artur removes his blood-covered hand, the wound already beginning to close. "Your words have echoed meaninglessly. I am not silenced.
And I will not leave. You threw down a challenge. The challenge has yet to be met."
Blythe motions to Cal, "We need to take care of the body. "
Caldoryn looks at Blythe and can't bring himself to smile. Gathers his swords and dagger, sheathing them in his coat. Scoops up Sam in
his arms and stands. Doesn't even look in Artur's direction, "You've turned a challenge into vengeance. We will have ours but you pale in
significance to our family. Samm was only a day old in our world."
Caldoryn walks out of the clearing and away from the trail.
Artur says, "You called me a coward and now you run?".
Samm 's body slowly becomes normal in his arms.
Artur laughs. "Where is your swagger and bravado now, cur? You blame me for slaying an assailant in self-defense?"
Artur says, "You offered the challenge, without thought of the consequences. His blood is on your hands, wolf. Do not forget that.".
Blythe turns, following Cal.



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First Post
A wonderful read. I'd heard about the fight but I wasn't around to be able to watch it. Thank you for posting it.

Samm, you deserve credit. For all the years I've played, I can recall only a handful of people as willing to let their characters die as you. This is the third, isn't it? In just about as many months. I don't think anyone would blame you if you found a way to bring him back. And if that's what you want, I'm more than willing to toss a character his way to do so.

To the werewolf pack, I'm not around much anymore, but bravo. You seem to have good story developing. I just hope ya'll stay with it long enough to not just be another part of the cycle.

And Artur, you better watch what you put out there. Unless you want to be buried in the rough sands of the sea at low-water mark... I'm just putting that out there for you.


First Post
I agree. Here's to Samm! He had no idea his character was going to die. Totally on the whim and an amazing player. Thank you, Ceres for your words. Let's me know I was right to post this log up here. You got what I was hoping those who read it would figure out.

This was to make an example of the fight and to let others know we'll show weakness, take hits and die if need be for a great plot. It's all about having fun.

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