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Hey you all,

I've recently had a short conversation with @Morrus about the possibility of creating an easily visible resource page/thread/whateverfor additional content for both WotBS and Zeitgeist where we all could collect information old and new that has accumulated in these forums over the years. Morrus' suggestion was to create a wiki page for each AP where every registered user could update and add stuff (plus anyone could then remove dead links).

So, I've taken some time and started the War of the Burning Sky Resource Collection in the wiki area. As you can see, the page is far from finished, so I'd invite all of you who are interested in WotBS and/or have something to share that you've either created yourself or found in the forums and deem useful to visit the wiki page and contribute!

As a side note: I know at least one person who would be more than happy to have a corresponding reource collection for Zeitgeist. However, I am a player in our Zeitgeist campaign and don't want to spoiler myself by digging for resource material as we're currently only in adventure #2. So it would be really sweet if someone could start an equal wiki page for Zeitgeist :)

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First Post
It seems I have another project I will have to contribute to. ;)

I have actually already started slowly auditing the old threads for information, as well as correlating information from the published material. I will make a point to contribute to this. I might even post up some extract from my Realms Work campaign files for it too, but we will see. I started the creation of that with only my homegrown use in mind, so I have not separated out original sourced material from my own additions yet.

Thanks for starting this, Lylandra.


Unfortunately, there was a very short window of time where the Wiki was both working and also contained the WotBS wiki. Wayback's last working version of the page was from March 20...

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