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War of the Burning Sky Comes To Our Store!

The 5E War of the Burning Sky adventure path comes to our store!


The whole 5th Edition War of the Burning Sky adventure path is now available in both PDF and softcover formats from EN Publishing's online store.

See the mighty and terrible face of war in a world of magic. A critically acclaimed 12-part high fantasy adventure path for 5th Edition from veteran authors such as Ari Marmell (Heroes of Horror, Tome of Magic), Wolfgang Baur (Editor DUNGEON® Magazine 1992-1995), Wil Upchurch (Midnight®, Champions of Ruin), Darrin Drader (Book of Exalted Deeds, Serpent Kingdoms), and Ryan Nock (ZEITGEIST: The Gears of Revolution, Elements of Magic).

E.N. Publishing presents a saga of twelve adventures where would-be conquerers bring the world to the brink of annihilation, and it is up to the heroes to decide who will rule in the aftermath of the great war – perhaps an ally, perhaps themselves, perhaps even anarchy. They can usher the world into a golden age, or let it be scorched under a rain of fire.

A cohesive storyline, memorable NPCs, imaginative set-pieces, moral conflict, action, adventure, politics – War of the Burning Sky has it all!

Your heroes will….

  • Escape a besieged city
  • Traverse an eternally burning forest
  • Save the Resistance headquarters from destruction
  • Ally the dukedoms of Dassen
  • Penetrate the castle where Coaltongue died
  • Pursue the assassins who slew him
  • Recover the Torch of the Burning Sky
  • Rescue hundreds of imprisoned mages from an icy fortress
  • Destroy the Koren Obelisk
  • Defend Gate Pass from a Ragesian invasion
  • Save the gold dragon Trilla from her dreamworld prison
  • Defeat a mile-long living airship and its traitorous creator.

And then, in the stunning finale to the War of the Burning Sky adventure path, the heroes will lead their armies on a final assault against the might of the Ragesian Empire, and cut out the heart of their foe, the tyrannical Leska.

Begin the adventure now!

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Eyes of Nine

Everything's Fine
Oh! Good news for USicans - shipping seems reasonable 😄

Anyone know - if I buy the softcover, is the pdf included? Or does it have to be purchased separately? (seems separately, but wanted to double check)

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