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So why are Monks the only people using this ability? At the very least, you'd expect ki-using subclasses to exist for other classes!
Speaking as a martial artist with ki-adjacent magic powers, it's because it takes around 90% of character downtime to maintain the skills necessary to deliver ki in the ways D&D monks deliver it. If everyone could do it, everyone would do it. But most folks aren't into the hours of bodywork and meditation it takes to make it work.

Honestly, spending a couple of hours a day on spear-play or hacking drills is much, much more bang for the buck.

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Why oh Why can D&D Wizards be proficient with crossbows but not swords?
Because wizards are all about complex things with many moving parts! How many moving parts does your typical sword have?


Corollary: Should a wizard in any campaign I run encounter a sword with moving parts, you can bet your sweet dollar I'm gonna say they have proficiency with it.

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The question I have then is, is it harder to learn to be a Monk than a Wizard? Because in other threads, people have told me the reason not everyone knows magic is that it's hard to learn.

As for alignment...I really don't know. I guess it's one part tradition, one part "but the Outer Planes!" and one part wishful thinking that there is something preventing every character from just being a murderhobo.


Context: My usual experience is with D&D 5E. Then during the OGL situation, I started reading up on Pathfinder APs to see if there is an alternative I might like. Personally-speaking, I found the PF AP Campaign Background section to be on the longer side, rather complicated and (at least for me) difficult to digest IMHO YMMV.
Why oh why do I find Pathfinder AP campaign backgrounds to be long and complicated?
They're by and for serious Tolkien fans.

Why oh why did Gygax choose Vancian magic over other styles?
I've read that it was because Vancian seemed the easiest way to put a limiter on what spellcasters can do, and my experience playing a variety of games (and armchair-designing alternative systems) makes that seem reasonable to me. But also, Jack Vance's stories were just bitchin'. If only D&D had adopted his spell-naming style in addition to the fire-and-forget part!

Why oh why don't more people use ki in D&D worlds?
Class niche protection. :p But no, it's a good question! My personal perspective is that ki seems to be such a limited resource, split over/shared by so many class abilities, compared to those of other classes, which are individually usable X times per day, that those other systems are just regarded as better.

Why oh why are so many players so vehemently attached to alignment?
People like buckets. Even more, people like putting things into buckets. Also, people do not like to have their buckets be stole.



Alignment is a really evocative part of the D&D heritage and it seems a shame to have it disappear. BUT, it's probably best if it has little to no mechanical effect. Just a cool vestigial thing that might spark some creative thought.

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