Sale A Wild Bee Bundle Appears!

All right, now to celebrate that I am a verified publisher on drive-thru I created a bundle, it contains "Solis People of the Sun", "Andromeda Dragons", and the free form fill-able Character Sheet from the back of AD.

Reviews on reddit recently have been:
"This is absolutely insane! I was expecting maybe ~100 pages or less of moderately information dense writing, not 242 pages of concise technical writing. The amount of detail, while still staying so clear & concise is honestly impressive. I could not have pulled this off as well as you have.

I'll definitely drop a more detailed review here ASAP. Y'all deserve some attention for the quality of this supplement. The amount of content here is astounding, especially for the cost of supplement. It's almost overwhelming with how much is contained here. This is in A or A+ territory."


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Someone on RPGG asked about Solis being in beta, and I answered:

"I think it will remain a beta until I get some other stuff I am working on, such as a few adventures, a spacecraft guide, and a NPC (or pre-gen) book finished, then I can circle back to Solis. At some point in the future, I want to do a kickstarter for hard copy versions, so then it has to be done for sure. Andromeda Dragons, space slang for the region of space with the brightest stars of Upsilon Andromedae, Chi Draconis, and Sigma Draconis; it is a more in depth analysis, such as a couple of "subsectors" which I call zones. The other sections of Solis are more open to interpretation, though I do plan on detailing the Tau Ceti/Smuggler's Gap region at some point, as well as Alpha Centauri, with the main setting world of Tanit: "... it was the voice of Tanit the invisible, behind her trailing veils, whispering of the love that is more horrible than hate." -GK Chesterton, which I might do as a "Sword of Cepheus" setting. Lots in the works right now."

I do have an errata doc going, the fixes will be minimal, and there are some adjustments I would like to make, as well as releasing additional guides for vehicles and robots.

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