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Jacob Vardy

Jacob Vardy submitted a new resource:

a5e magic item animal components - Who to kill to get (x) magic items

What it says on the box. A spreadsheet of the monster bits listed to create magic items in T&T. Including humanoids.

I hand out a lot of monster body parts as single use items. Like the silk gland harvested from a giant spider being able to replicate the web spell. Since my parties have gotten to the levels where they can craft magic items, this list is an attempt to be more systematic about what they can loot off the monsters they kill. So it is not every component listed - no...

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Jacob Vardy

Jacob Vardy updated a5e magic item animal components with a new update entry:

a5e magic components from AG, T&T, Stranger Sights, DDG, and GPG 0-16

Magic item and spell components that come from creatures in the game. For when the PCs are looting their bodies. Includes the precious stone types listed in T&T. I also included some sources for magic inks, since spell scrolls are probably the most common magic item crafted but i didn't find any source for them.

Since the list is for me to hand out loot to players, that is what it is focuced on. A lot of one off components, that would be unlikely to be looted from a creature were left...

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