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Abstractual Play Theatre: Saturday Nights Were Made For D&D 5e Twitch Gaming


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So, I want to play Dungeons & Dragons. It's been a while since I've played regularly, though I started playing some 42 years ago. Yeah. No one local to play with, and I looked for online groups that fit my schedule of a busy dad. Nothing worked. So I'm starting my own group. And, I'm going to make this D&D game a Twitch Actual Play deal called ABSTRACTUAL PLAY THEATRE (@AbstractualPlay). I've got a handful of folks game to play but I'm not sure how many will stick as I finalize the schedule. The damn schedule is the tough part. I'm a stay-at-home dad that can only play Fri, Sat, Sun nights AFTER 8ish PM Pacific. That cuts out a lot of people not on the west coast and have busy weekends doing weekend stuff. I had a shortlived podcast called DAD DND that suffered scheduling problems with the other dads. So I'm finalizing the schedule and it looks something like this... Beginning next month play on Saturday nights at 8ish Pacific 2 weeks in a row, week off, then 2 weeks, etc... (Breaks a bit in May.) Do two seasons of 10 sessions/episodes each of D&D Actual Play Twitch streaming.


Why on Twitch? Why the Hell not? Might be simpler to get a group together to play without it, but I had so much fun with the podcast and I enjoy other Twitch Dungeons & Dragons streams that I figured if I was going to lock down a schedule might as well go big. So, if you might be interested in playing D&D on Twitch and the above schedule works for you, let me know. There might be room. Not sure everyone who expressed interest will be able to work out. Reply to me here or on the Twitter account above. Who knows? Maybe Abstractual Play Theatre table-top role-playing Twitch stream might turn into something.



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