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General Acquisitions Inc - how to run for 100% NPCs? (Society of Brilliance / Out of the Abyss)


How would you run an all NPC "franchise"? Aquisitions Inc [AI] appears to feature a) an income maximization game and b) narrative that's snappy and corporate. For a group of players going through the published adventure 'Out of the Abyss', the goal is to have downtime activities that expand on the overall narrative [so they can organically learn more about the underdark] and could THEORETICLLY benefit from a maximized group of NPCs - if the Society of Brilliance (SoB) is better...they can help the PCs more. More teleportation and more secrets/insight. It's also possible that this bombs if the players feel like NPC is getting rich and they're not benefitting...

Possible? Praiseworthy?

How do you do BOOKKEEPING in AI? There must be a list of franchise members available to the players and columns for them to denote how many days each one does which monthly activity. Is there an electronic/printable resource for this?

What roles would the SoB members have? Would they be appropriate Lvl2 franchise?

Should I instead run this like 'Stars Without Number' [SWN] and their "faction" system--defining the relationship between the SoB and the various groups in each of the Underdark cities (so say in Gracklestugh there's multiple factions / interactive elements...the stone speakers, flame guard, the derro - etc.)? I like the faction relationships. But in SWN, it's implied that they're symmetrical, basically like a roleplaying game of risk--like on hex maps or something--and the actions would need a rework. "Planetary siezure" for example isn't a great fit. And overall I'm just trying to have the players INVOLVED in the SoB and their quest to understand the current situation in the underdark--their goals mirror the player's.

TLDR - want a cool "downtime" activity. Want it to emphasize the role of the SoB in this published adventure. Want to find a way to get the players involved that's not just talking--but is mechanical. And for which they have some agency. Looking for a system to implement this, that's not totally from scratch :)

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