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D&D 1E AD&D players and referees, what do you think of ascending AC?


I personally like capped AC (max of 18 for normal creatures or 20 for otherworldly and magical creatures/spells ascending [2 or 0 descending]), but I don't have strong feelings about ascending or descending AC, THAC0, AC tables or attack bonuses. The subtle distinctions feel somewhat insignificant to me.
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I learned on a mishmash of 0e with Greyhawk, Gods, Demigods & Heroes and a 1e PHB originally so that might be why my memory is all sorts of mush on it.

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I prefer it.

I don't have a problem with THAC0, but it just takes me longer to calculate the THAC0 than it does to convert descending to ascending in my head. And even THAC0 is far better than an attack matrix which I didn't have memorized by 1985. And since ascending is the fastest method I can use, I stick with it. When I'm running a game, I have to run so many of these attack calculations that I want to do them as quickly as possible.
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