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Add some flavor to a mushroom-rich adventure

Interestingly, I've noticed a couple of kickstarters recently that mentioned mushroom options.

My brain only thinks about Mario's Toad (Kinopio in Japanese) recently…

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Just saw a typo that might inspire the OP: ”Lichenthrope”.

My first thought: Lichenthropy is a magical curse/disease that, when condition ___________ is met, the person infected becomes something akin to a miniature Shambling Mound.


I ran an encounter where the PCs needed to cross a cavern of giant mushrooms like this Wipeout game show.

Falling meant little damage, but the ground floor was darn and dank with fungus zombies. It was not a lot of damage and the intent was to run away, but the 20ft climb was hard on some. I think the fighter jumped down once the cleric failed his check and fell.


Old School Essentials has the Incandescent Grottoes which includes “Adventurers who delve within may discover odd mosses and fungi, a ruined temple complex, and the lair of a crystal-eating dream dragon.” Among other things. I remember part of Winter’d Daughter with a bag of various fungi that had all kinds of weird effects when eaten (it was in the land of Faerie, of course), and Dolmenwood has quite a bit about Fungi included in it, mostly for their medicinal and other odd properties when foraged for.

Could also have the mushrooms be a red herring. Big cavern with shrooms that puff clouds of colorful spores. Character(s) start acting odd and everyone blames the shrooms. Really there’s some other creature(s) using mind control magic or other abilities.

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