Level Up (A5E) adept exertion pool


So been reading the new class and got stuck on the Adept. Does anyone know how to calculate the exertion pool? I cant find a table that tells you how many points you have only that you gain more with the bonus exertion column. Thanks for the Help.

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It does. I have now highlighted it so I don't forget it. Thanks

Notably, that's the norm for basically all characters that get maneuvers, the adept's bonus exertion and the Herald's unusual spell conversions are the outliers.

Also, note that exertion is recovered on a short rest, and this easy to miss line from the beginning of the combat maneuver chapter:
Alternatively, you can meditate, refocus, and stretch to refill your exertion pool more quickly. You expend Hit Dice to do so, recovering 1d4 exertion points for each Hit Die expended. The process takes 1 minute per expended Hit Die.

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