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Advance Order MARS Now Through Tuesday 3/6/07


First Post

In celebration of GM's Day, March 4th, where players show our appreciation to our Gamemasters for the work they do and the enjoyment they bring to us, Adamant Entertainment is proud to present this special offer:

Our long-awaited RPG of Planetary Romance, MARS will be released in March. As a special offer for GM's Day, we're offering you the chance to order a copy for your GM, in your choice of softcover or special limited-edition hardcover, at 30% OFF the regular price.

Your GM will receive a PDF copy of the 250+ page rulebook, and the book (softcover or hardcover) will be mailed to them directly from the printer. MARS will be available in March for $34.95 in softcover and $44.95 for limited-edition hardcover, plus $7.95 shipping and handling.

Through this special GM's Day Advance Order, You can purchase a copy for your GM at $30 for softcover or $37 for hardcover, shipping included.

This offer is exclusively available direct from Adamant Entertainment, and will be available from now until Tuesday, March 6th ONLY.

Order via VISA, Mastercard or Paypal by clicking the appropriate Paypal button located on the front page of our website!

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