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(Advanced) Double D6 - A New Micro-RPG I've Taken a Shine to.

Here I am with another simple game I've recently picked up from Itch: Double D6 from Aether Corp Games.


The name is pretty indicative of what you'll need to play: 2d6, paper, pen. Rolls (Resolution Roles or RRs) are 2d6 + Attribute + Skill (reminiscent of 5E). Attributes are the Standard Six (STR, DEX, CON, WIS, INT, CHA. Again, very D&D). While Skills are the classic four roles/classes (Healing, Fighting, Spells, Sneaking). You start with three Points that you can distribute between four "Specialisms" (odd word choice), With each one corresponding to each Skill (Faith, Fight Magic, Sneak). You gain +1 to a Skill and a bonus to your H(ealth, Hit Points) and D(efence, Armor Class). Example: one SP in Faith gives you +2H, +2D, and +1 to the healing skill. There is also Genus (race/species), but that seems to be entirely flavor. Each Skill has a paragraph each explanation, along with sections on Creatures and Experience gain. But I'd rather not paraphrase the entire document.

All of this in a cute gatefold pamphlet (or a four-page PDF). The Character and Creature Sheets are about index card size and equally cute.

There is also Advanced Double D6, a much larger (44 pages) book greatly expanding the system, with a reliance on d66 tables (think percentiles. Roll 2d6, one die is tens, the other is ones.) for examples to build on. My favorite so far is the addition to Faith. You can request a small Miracle from one of the lands Small Gods, who specifically answer to "oh, god". Roll on the table to see which one picks up and what they'll gift you (the God of Hangovers hands out Aspirin, the God of Tasty Foodstuffs hands out Cinnamon Buns, etc.).

ADD6's Rulebook:

These have charmed the pants off of me, especially for only $2 USD and $5 USD, respectively. I hope to see even more from Aether Labs in the future.

Digital: Itch.io, DriveThruRPG

Physical: Etsy (includes code for Itch.io download)
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