4E [Adventure] A Call for Lovers (DM: jbear Judge:Lord Sessadore)


As each of you drink from the fountain and make your minds and bodies are invaded by the unfathomable power of the Well of All Heal. It is difficult to describe how your consciousness expands and how your body is filled with a sense of undescribable well being. It is the briefest instant but one you will never forget. As though for a moment you stood on the edge of everything, you saw how the infinite patterns of existence moved and shifted together in an almost perfect harmony, and understood. It is almost painful when that moment ends and you are once more contained within yourself, with your limited concisousness and mundane understanding, yet the glow of well being remains within you, like a warm hug. Your wounds are healed, your fatigue is gone. You are whole and the world is good. Better even as you carry a sense of sureity that your wish has been fulfilled.

Oran and Tiandra look upon each of you smiling. "Your wishes speak much of your character. And for that I will grant each of you a boon, as a reward for the unselfish nature and the will of self betterment, or the simple desire to know genuine acceptance. I am certain those things you have wished for are already becoming true. So carry also my blessing with you when you return to your world" intones Tiandra. "Or mine, if you so choose it" adds Oran

GM: Each of you receive a boon from either Oran or Tiandra as a reward for the unselfish/non-power hungry wishes. You may choose a Boon of your level up to a MAX+5; reflacour to fit your PC. (I haven't read 'Calm the Storm' for example, but I am pretty sure it will be fine. You may want to have another look though SoM, as you may see something else that you prefer which you can reflavour to your hearts content).

NB: Sorry for having been absent for so long. Life is very very busy at the moment (and will continue to be so for the next 3 months) so I have not really felt the energy to DM and wrapping up this adventure means kicking off the new one sooner. So I think I have been avoiding that.

Let me know when your Boon has been chosen and you have your PC levelled and ready.

"It is time to say goodbye," says Tiandra.
"And you must return to your own land," says Oran.
"As for Orlando and Juliana," says Tiandra, "the innocents in this game, they can stay if they wish."
"Whether you rise to greatness or live peacefully here," says Oran to the two, "this palace is yours." The two lovers look into each others eyes, exstatic at the offer. They affirm their agreement to remain in this fey garden with a deep and heartfelt kiss which when ended Orlando says a simple "Thank you" as Juliana cuddles agains his chest beaming with happiness.

Our heroes however were charged with the mission of bringing the lovers back safely to their respective parents on behalf of their benefactor Count Varis. Would they say anything before they were returned to their world?


Rain frowns.

"Orlando and Juliana," she addresses the two lovers, "If you do wish to say, then let pen and paper be brought so that you may write to your respective parents informing them of your free-willed intent. The effects of magic of the fountain may dispel any doubts that they may have of our story, but it at least would be good manners."

Nemesis Destiny

Sabynha smiled warmly, "I was about to suggest that very thing. I would not bring either of you back against your will, be it by force or coercion, but it would be best if we brought back a token of your intent to your families so that we may put to rest any suspicion and hostility."

The vistani also made a note to herself to return the magical bracers to their rightful owner, now that he had been wished back to life.


The young lovers readily agree and begin to look around for writing equipment when Tiandra rests her hand on Juliana's shoulder softly. "Of course, you are right, the parents will be worried. Do not fear. We will contact them directly. The ritual will take a little time to prepare, but it will reach your parents faster than any carried note can." Given that this seems to be the group's only concern, it is quickly settled that magical means of contact will be prepared to talk to the respective parents and ally their fears. Hamish and Argus, the two barbarian brothers step forward and pladge service to Orlando and Juliana, promising to serve them faithfully during their reign here.

At last after warm farewells and heartfelt thanks the time arrives to depart. Tiandra says to you, "When you awaken, it will be as if from a dream. The oracle in the Crystal Cave shall remain a boon to the world for all time, but the crossing shall hereafter be closed to all but the innocent seeking refuge. Perhaps we shall meet again, but for now, sleep. Sleep .. ."

You awaken in the warm sun in a meadow full of wildflowers on the edge of the Sildaine Forest. Crystalbrook is within sight, its gates open.


Rain stands and stretches.

"We'd better go and see Lady Tamora. I would also like to check on Wendig."

She frowns, "I should probably also go and pay respects to somebody else before we catch a ship back to Sybaran."

Son of Meepo

Wat had let the fey magic wash over him, cleanse his mind and his blood. There was still a terrible tempest within but perhaps it would be unleashed according to his will alone. Only time would truly tell how effective it was.

"It'll be good to be home again, though I don't think I'll be going back to the temple for very long. I've learned that sort of life isn't for me. How about you Sabynha? What will you do when you get back?"

Wat welcomed the invitation to sleep, to dream once more. He took up a spot besides Sabynha and let his mind empty of the trials of the last few days.

Nemesis Destiny

Sabynha welcomed Wat's company. Already she could sense that he had been wizened by their experience; he seemed a little more calm and collected, and yet she could see the intensity in his eyes.

"I will have to see my people, and tell them what we've done. Nani will want to know that her favour to Count Varis is paid. I also think she will be happy to know that I am well." She paused for a moment and enjoyed the sun and wildflowers.

"Perhaps you could come with me? I'm sure Nani would love to meet you..." The vistani realized that might be a bit intimidating, and looked for his reaction.


When the group finally decide to move from that restful spot in the sun and enter Crystalbrook it takes but a few moments for the town to be set abuzz, rumour of the heroe's return spreading like wildfire. Soon the heroes find themselves surrounded, pulled and pushed ths way and that as the townsfolk vie for their touch. Babies are thrust into their arms, and they receive many kisses both lustful and chaste from men and women both young and old. Soon the town's guard who had been responsable for news of their return ablaze in the first place eventually step n and provide an armed escort for the group all the way to the Lady Tamora's doorstep where their welcome is more dignified but no less enthusiastic or heartfelt.

In short the group discover they are no longer unsung heroes. They are legends in their own right, at least in Crystalbrook. Many of the town's widows and orphans have erected shrine's throughout the town with an effigy dedicated to each of you, the most popular being that of Mu'a whose name is also the most well known. It seems that her wish has returned many dead husbands to their wives, many fathers and mothers to the sons, and sons and daughters to the parents. All those slain in the conflict between the city dwellers and the forest elves have risen from the dead (elf and human alike), all united by one clear and pure thought laden with undying thanks: Mu'a.

They also discover that three weeks have passed since they began their adventure in the Feywild, and not a couple of days as they had imagined. In that time much has happened. The weather has returned to normal once more as of a few days. Peace has been restored between Crystalbrook folk and the Sildaine Fey. Lord Carrick even visited the seated to broach peace, and was received with a great feast. Later when Orlando and Juliana made contact and made their good health and decision to stay and rule over the magical garden known, and that all was thanks to the group of fearless and indomitable adventurers, tears of such deep joy flowed like never before nor perhaps like ever again.

The town's everyday comings and goings cease completely, and a great and spontaneous revelry begins which lasts no less than an entire two weeks, day and night, joined the second night with the arrival of the SIldaine fey. It spreads and shifts back and forth between the town and the forest dwelling, and many a new half-elf is conceived as peace is cemented to become everlasting. Every luxury is lavashed upon the heroes, and they receive many gifts and great wealth which compliment the new found power bestowed upon them by the Fey Lords.

When the group eventually depart the island and return to Varis they are received into the city with trumpets that mark the arrival of those of great importance and a full entourage accompanies the group to the Count's meeting house. He welcomes you with a deep embrace and heartfelt thans although you do notice a line of worry mars the man's features. You are duly paid your reward and given each a silver brooch engraved with the Count's emblem.

Any questions that pry into what worries him are swftly turned aside and the man's face relaxes into a deep smile. He waves away the concern with the promise of a great meal ( a thought which you almost quake at after revelling for two straight weeks) that night. He bids you rest and repose until then, giving you freedom of the his holdings, food, aplace to rest, the service of his servants, and a promise to speak later that night. He then frees you to attend to any business you might have in the city with friends, family or loved ones, or otherwise a chamber to wash and get some well needed sleep.

And so our heroes first adventure together draws to a close, but something about the line of worry on the Count's face leaves you with the sensation that another one might soon begin.

GM: It didn't seem like anyone was budging from that warm spot in the sun, so that is what happens over the next 2 weeks and a few days upon your return. Feel free to play around with it as much or as little as you like until I get the other adventure up and running. You are free to make up/elaborate on any events if you want to describe how you received your new treasures or powers and any bacground interactions that occur when you reach Sybar once more.

I hope you have enjoyed the adventure. I have very much so. Thank you all for your involvement, and see you soon in the next episode.
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