4E [Adventure]Curious & Curiouser (Judge: Stonegod)


Curious & Curiouser
A sequel to Hysteria’s Ascendency
5-8 Level Adventure – LEB

1. Braddock the Historian (fourmonos) - male dwarf vestige warlock 6
2. Quan Reah (johnmeier1) - male elf monk 5
3. Orsik the Small (metavoid) - male goliath runepriest 7
4. Rikka Pouncequick (pathfinderq1) - female elf druid 7
5. Muzdum Firebelly (Voda Vosa) - male dwarf fighter 7
Judge: Stonegod
[sblock=The Story Thus Far...][sblock=Hysteria’s Ascendency] Baldwin leads the adventurers to a ruined warehouse where he (attempts) to ambush them with his wererat minions, but fails to kill the PCs. Baldwin escapes, sacrificing his own troops to flee.
Next, the heroes enter the sewers and are ambushed again by filthy wererats and their pet otyugh.
Defeating the were-men, the PCs delve deeper into the Cogs beneath Sharn to locate the wererat warren/temple but failed to do so (skill challenge - failed). Instead they found a werecrocodile, Mangore. The heroes found out that Baldwin paid this creature to keep an eye out for them and to kill them on sight.
The PCs must retry the skill challenge to find the warren/temple.
The PCs (finally) find the wererat warren during an evil rite to animate an unholy golem to unleash upon the world above. The PCs manage to kill Baldwin and the rest of the wererats and eventually destroy the golem as well.
After the last monster falls, two forms detach from the ceiling, a pair of werebats circle over the heroes, daring them to enter the King's Forest at their own peril, taunting them with their destruction at the hands of his "Wicker-man".
The story continues in Curious & Curiouser...
[sblock=XP Awarded] [sblock=Baldwin’s Ambush]505 XP each
NOTE: no time bonus awarded yet.[/sblock]
[sblock=Sewer Scramble]483 XP each
NOTE: 2 RP were awarded[/sblock]
[sblock=Skill Challenge (Failed)]362 XP each
NOTE: no time bonus awarded.[/sblock]
[sblock=End Game]959 XP each
NOTE: 1 RP was awarded[/sblock][/sblock][/sblock][/sblock]
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-Last, but not least, have fun![/sblock]
After arriving back on the surface, the heroes separate in order to take care of any personal errands they may have. While out and about, each hero is approached by official-looking human steward, behind him stand two guards wearing platemail armor. All three bear the holy symbol of the Church of the Silver Flame upon their breast. To each is presented a scroll bearing their names as well as the church’s holy symbol.
[sblock=Reading the Scroll]Attention please.
Your presence is requested before his holiness, Vandrol Sol, High Priest of the Silver Flame at the Cathedral of the Cleansing Flame at mid day on the morrow. Please arrive promptly and bring the holy relic found during your latest encounter.

May the Light Shine upon you,
Dendron Belson
High Steward to the Cathedral of the Cleansing Flame[/sblock]
At the appointed time, everyone arrives at the Cathedral of the Cleansing Flame, in mid-Sharn. Upon entry, you are immediately escorted to the High Priest’s opulently decorated solar – clearly meant as place to entertain high ranked officials and clergy - and asked to wait patiently for His Holiness. Numerous murals cover the walls, depicting many scenes throughout the history of Sharn and of the Church of the Silver Flame. Bookshelves filled with tomes of many shapes and sizes, subjects ranging from basic agriculture to more esoteric subjects, curses, afflictions, and the like.
[sblock=History Check (trained only) DC 17]You recognize one of the hanging murals as depicting what was known as The Great Purge, a noble paladin of the Silver Flame striking down a wolf-like humanoid.
[sblock=History ( DC 23+)]You recognize the Paladin as Jolan Sol.[/sblock][/sblock]
After a few moments, a middle-aged human enters and apologizes for his tardiness and makes his way to sit behind a finely made desk. He introduces himself as Vandrol Sol, High Priest. He appears enthusiastic at your appearance, and very much honored to have such heroes within his presence. ”Your most recent successes have already reached the ears of our clergy. I must congratulate you and your allies for ridding our fair city of Baldwin and his wererat minions. I have faced that one many times and he always has been able to escape his fate. You have ended a dire plague infecting our great city.” He looks each of you in the eyes, you can see his sincerity clearly upon his face.
[sblock=Insight Check DC 20]You can see numerous similarities with Vandrol and the paladin depicted on the mural, enough to be some ancestor of his.[/sblock]
Vandrol continues, ”For such a noble act, please allow the Cathedral of Cleansing Flame to offer a boon to each of you. But first, you were asked to bring the holy relic. Might I see it?”


Braddock arrived with his companions to the offical summons. He did not return to the tavern, but received his invitation nonetheless. He has groomed himself and appears to be wearing his nicer clothes to meet with the High Priest.

"Ah, I made sure to secure that before the monk got his sticky hands on it."

Braddock pulls the artifact from a pouch that should not be able to hold such an object from the inside of his cloak. He hands it respectfully to the priest.

[sblock=history 14] 1d20+10 → [4,10] = (14) Roll Lookup That is just sad for someone who calls himself a Historian :( [/sblock]

OOC: I've decided I'm going to keep Braddock level 5 until he is officially approved and can accept the xp from Hysteria's Ascendency. If it is approved and there is an extended rest, I can always level him up then. Or whenever :)

Also, did we distribute money? I would like to buy a healing potion or two before the adventure starts.


Quan enters with the rest, looking just as dirty but with a different stink on his breath, mint spirits perhaps? He seems to grow more and more reticent as they get into the cathedral but perks up at the mention of a boon. After Braddock's disparaging remarks, Quan wipes his hands on his robe only to have them come back more dirty than before.
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Rikka followed the others into the room, still in her favored leopard-shape. From time to time, she gave a harsh, hacking cough, and as soon as introductions were completed, she flopped in a heap on the floor. For all the world, it looked as if she were sleeping- but a close glance showed her eyes were still partially open, and they tracked every movement warily.

OOC: also waiting to hear whether we divided up the gold- and if so, how much each share was worth. Except for that, and any possible purchases, Rikka is ready to go.


Vandrol turns towards Orsik and Muzdum and says, ”Our goliath-friend here is correct. I have reason to believe that you have found a certain relic of the Silver Flame.”

He leans forward in his chair to take the proffered sword from Braddock, hilt first. ”Truly Amazing! Found after all this time. This is one of the bright moments in our recently clouded past." He bows his head reverently. You can see his lips mouthing a prayer to the Silver Flame. After a moment, he looks up, carefully lifts the longsword, and then once again studies the divine blade.

"It is as I had feared. This was once one of the finest blades within our order. Many a long list of champions used that blade to deliver justice and cleansing flame. It was lost almost 120 years ago, during the Purge. All of its divine enchantments have been stripped leaving only an empty shell, albeit an expensive one.”
He studies the magnificent silver blade a few seconds longer before setting it down on the desk top in front of him. "You have earned our deepest gratitude for the return of this blade. As such, you and your companions will be compensated accordingly."

Vandrol goes on to say, ”But first, I wish to discuss the main reason why I requested your presence. The Church of the Silver Flame has need of brave adventurers, such as yourselves. You have already proven yourselves capable by ridding Sharn of the threat below. Rumors have been coming in from the countryside surrounding Sharn – particularly within the area around the King’s Forest. Rogues and bandits, and even wild creatures are attacking caravans and travelers heading to our fair city. Survivors – what few there are – claim to have seen beasts covered in hair, not like goblinoid, but more feral-looking humanoids, wild and barbarous. Those within our order believe that lycanthropes are to blame. One such group of beast is known to reside within the King's Forest. Our church would like you to find these were-creatures and bring them to justice, in the name of the Silver Flame. Historically, our normal response would be to start a crusade and simply eradicate those we find unjust. Many of our number would gladly join such a warband, but I feel that we must learn from our histories, to investigate the situation, and then deciding on the best course of action.” He gestures towards the bookshelves containing numerous volumes, row after row, shelf after shelf, holding centuries of the Church of the Silver Flame's histories.

Vandrol gives a sigh, almost forlorn before continuing. ”I have communed with the Keeper of Flames, and we fear that this could be the start of another Purge. We must choose tolerance over apathy. Lead with our hearts and our faith in the One Flame. We don’t know how our beloved church can survive another failure. Before that can be allowed to happen, we require more information. Your task would be to travel to the King’s Forest and locate this group of lycans, discover their intentions and their plans and then return here and tell us your findings, upon which time you and your allies shall be rewarded for your service. Although, I cannot condone violence, should the criminals choose to resist and attack you, by all means defend yourselves as you see fit. Now, what say you?”

Vandrol leans back into his chair and steeples his fingers before him awaiting your responses…
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"I would refuse to be part of eradicating people, any people from the land. But if they act as Baldwin has, they deserve to be removed as threat to the people. Tribes prosper if no bandits are around. They know what happens if they break the law."

"We already know some other kind of were creatures were in league with Baldwin. So now I get to fulfill my promise to that filth."

After a breath length of pause
"What do you mean, you need only information? Do you really think they'll just let us walk in, question them and leave? We'll try and bring one of them to you for questioning, but I fear it will fall to us to destroy that group."

Voda Vosa

The dwarf shrugs at Orsik's statement. "I don''t really care 'bout a bunch of were things. Kill them all if that suits you. Heck, I'll even give ye a hand, just fer the fun of it. But your highn..." the dwarf doubts on how to name the priest. "My holyn..." he doubts again. "My leas... My 'higholyleashness' ..." he finally says, adding all the titles together. ..here want us to sneak in and try to get the intelligence without the unglies notice. Or discover why are they attacking the caravans, yes?"


"Aye, I'm for helping ye. But I agree with Orsik, there will be bloodshed on this."

He looks around at his companions.

"Some of me 'mates were affected by the were-rat filth. Could ye be helpin' us with that, you Holiness?"
"I agree for the most part with what the others have said," growled the dark-furred leopard, speaking with a rough voice, barely recognizable as a woman's. "But I would be seeking out these creatures on my own, if they are connected with Baldwin and his folk. If we find out any information on their plans or motivation, we will bring it to you- but we do intend to hunt them down regardless..." At that point her speech ceased, as she was wracked by a heavy series of wet coughs.

OOC: Should be leveled up and ready to go


Quan coughs to but whether it is the Filth Fever or the stiff drink, it is not clear. We only have to talk to them? Okay, but how much compensation are we talking about here?


In response to the party’s comments, Vandrol says, ”Please, call me Vandrol, I have never been one for titles. To answer your questions, I would say that the primary goal would be to ascertain the source of these attacks. The secondary task would then be stopping that source. As I mentioned earlier, you have proven yourselves to be a capable group. If you find yourselves in a position to end this threat, by all means, do so.”

Starting with Quan, he looks each of you for a moment, gazing down at the dwarves, up at the goliath. If he was surprised at Rikka-in-cat-form, it didn’t show. ”Once you agree to our commission, each of you shall receive 350 gold pieces, paid up front, with a bonus if you can return and prove that this threat is ended.” He gestures towards a silver coffer setting on his desk, easily large enough to hold coin enough for your payment.

”Now as reward for defeating Baldwin, please accept these gifts, from the Church of the Silver Flame.” Vandrol opens a drawer and draws out a scroll tube (made of bone), three single vials, a cloth wrapped bundle that clinked when set on the desk, and a wooden box (artfully crafted in cherry, the symbol of the Silver Flame carved on the top), setting each on the desktop. He then stands, and walks around the desk to stand before you.

Vandrol picks up the cloth bound object and unwraps it, displaying its contents. "First, here are 10 platinum ingots which should compensate for the value of our sword's return to our church."
GM: The ingots are worth 100gp each; 2 per PC.

To Muzdum, Quan and Rikka, he says, ”I can see those vile rats have spread their disease among you. The Silver Flame shall purify all those tainted by vile filth. He walks to a gilded chest resting on one of the book shelves. He opens it and selects a ritual scroll and once unrolled, immediately spouts off a litany of prayers. You hear your names spoken as well. A fierce pain briefly seizes you and then suddenly, an inky black smoke begins to seep from your pours only to dissipate in the sunlight filling the high priest’s solar. After the ritual, he returns to stand near his desk, and picks up the glass vials. ”Also, a healing potion for each of you, for your task might prove dangerous.”
GM: Muzdum, Quan and Rikka have all been successfully cured of Filth Fever and each receive a potion of healing.

He picks up the scroll tube and turns to Braddock. ”I have prepared a scroll for you to use if you or your companions should become afflicted once again. Also, you are named Braddock the Historian, so the Church shall grant you access to our many volumes of the histories of Khorvaire to peruse should you need to. Upon your return, I’ll have a writ of access sent to you stating this effect. With that writ you shall gain entry into a library the likes of which few are invited. Is it not said that ’Knowledge is the truest weapon’?”
GM: Braddock has been given a scroll of Cure Disease

Vandrol actually has to look up at the massive goliath. ”And last but not least for you, sir, we give the gift of life.” He reaches for the wooden box. Lifting the lid reveals three glass vials containing the familiar color of healing potions and one vial with russet colored liquid. ”These potions of healing are blessed by the Silver Flame and will keep you hale when facing the evils in the world. The last one is a concoction that will help replenish your lifeblood when in dire need. Since you are also a healing warrior, I know that they will be put to good use.”
GM: Orsik gains 3 potions of healing and 1 potion of regeneration

”Now the Keeper of the Flame and I want this issue resolved as soon as possible. How you travel to the King's Forest is up to you. If you should agree to our commission, we would like you to start right away. What say you?”
[sblock=Pooled Treasure from Hysteria's Ascendency]I went back and updated the Pooled Treasure block.
[sblock=Pooled Treasure]a gold locket (25gp), 175 gp in loose coins (Quan claimed the lady's undergarments), 120 gp, 3 moonstone (100gp each), elixir of dragon breath (fire), 430 gp, gold ring w/jade (250gp), 600gp, a large topaz (500gp), a finely wrought sword (see above). [/sblock]
That would be 480gp each.
*NOTE: The value for the sword is NOT included here. See above.[/sblock]


OOC: I would note I didn't receive my parcel on leveling up to 7th...unless these potions are it.

"I would request a boon of you, if you would be willing to grant it. I'd ask an access to the library. I am willing to return the potions for it if you so ask. I may not have the title of historian, but I am a student of it. There is a great gap in my knowledge of the worlds events especially Khorvaire."
OOC: So 680 gp (200 +480 from pooled treasure), and a potion of healing, in addition to the curing ritual? Will update CS, then ready to go

Rikka gave a loud growling purr as the curative ritual did its work. She shifted back into her elven form just long enough to stow the potion in one of her pouches, then immediately returned to her leopard shape. Once back in her preferred form, she looked around the rest of the group. "Are we ready to depart soon? I've no further business in town, and I don't think we ought to give our foes more time to prepare- since those things fled, I bet they know we're coming..."


Braddock gracefully accepts the scroll and stores in inside a pocket inside his cloak. He does the same with his ingots, but this time makes sure Quan can not see where he places them.

OOC: Braddock was approved for level 5 (thanks jsb and THB!), so if it's okay with jsb, I'll level him up to six and update his wiki now :) Don't wait for next step for me, I'll probably have him ready to go today/tomorrow


Quan doesn't wear a backpack, but the ingots quickly disappear somewhere on his person. The potion goes into the dirty belt that ties his robes. The thin elf will probably need it. Let's go, but maybe we should stop by the Tower's Shard for a drink before going out of town?

[sblock=OOC] TwoHeadsBarking is my second approval, and I think I fixed everything[/sblock]
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Voda Vosa

"Well thank ye!" Gratefully says Muzdum, as he quickly pockets everything that is giving to him, as if he wouldn't even want the others to merely see it.


Vandrol looks at Orsik, ”But of course, my giant friend. Return with Braddock upon completion of your task and a writ of permission shall be waiting for you as well. Accept the healing potions with the Silver Flame’s blessing; use them upon yourself or your brave allies here.”

”Now that you’ve accepted the commission, you must ready yourselves for travel. Our information says that a nomadic village of shifters stays within the southern edge of the King’s Forest, near the town of Zilspar. This information is at least a few weeks old so the exact location of this village is unknown. The tribe is said to range many miles, and there are numerous sites that have been used by them. A trade route, maintained by House Orien, will lead you to Zilspar. From there head north and a few miles into the forest, you should start seeing signs of this village. Mounts can be found at one of House Orien’s outposts in Tavick’s Landing. Once the threat from the King’s Forest is ended, return here with your findings. Go now with our blessings. May the Silver Flame light your way!”. That said, Vandrol clasps forearms with you and your allies (a little awkwardly with Rikka) and the door behind you opens, the door guards escort you out of the church. You and your allies make their way back towards the Tower’s Shard.
GM: Go ahead and make any final purchases.

The following morning, everyone meets in Tavick’s Landing and you go through the process of renting mounts and then head out for Zilspar and the King’s Forest lie directly east of Sharn and the Dagger River. It takes about four - uneventful - days on horseback to travel to Zilspar.
GM: Eberron Wiki says 284 miles to Zilspar from Sharn.

Upon arriving in Zilspar, you drop the horses off at an Orien outpost. After discrete inquiries, you proceed to find lodging for the night. So as to not attract any unwanted attention, it is decided that you will continue on foot.
[sblock=Streetwise DC 16 (trained only)]Talking quietly with one of the stable boys you hear rumors of creatures attacking travelers and even bandits attacking guarded caravans. The boys’ own uncle was cut down last month.
[sblock=Streetwise DC 23+]You are able to figure out that the stable boys’ uncle was attacked during the last full moon.[/sblock][/sblock]
You wake-up refreshed and ready to make your trek to the King’s Forest. You set out again, your travels are uneventful and another day sees you at the southern-most edge of the King’s Forest. Rikka quickly finds a game trail leading into the forest and you enter the forest; the sky vanishing behind the thick canopy of dense foliage above you, only allowing small amounts of light to filter through. Warily you continue.

Before long you pick up a scent of smoke and ahead you hear the clash of arms and the howling of wolves among the cries of the wounded. You race ahead, weapons drawn and enter a clearing next to a river. You have found a village, whether it’s the one you’re looking for or not, you are not sure. Figures rush around wielding clubs, swords, even large hammers. Scared villagers run, only to be taken down from behind by giant wolves and werewolves! A large brutish–looking man covered with wounds bursts from a partially burning hut and his shape begins to blur, shifting into a wereboar! Over the ringing of blades you hear, ”Narona, you she-bitch, I’m coming for you!” then the wereboar charges a woman in dark leathers. ”Come then, Totoruan, come meet your doom you pig! It’s been long overdue!” then she shifts into her wolf-form and the two werebeasts clash and begin to fight in earnest.

Village Attack: Round 1
GM: Initiative time!
Braddock: 1d20+3=8
Quan: 1d20+7=20
Orsik: 1d20+4=20
Rikka: 1d20+9=27
Muzdum: 1d20+6=19

Monsters: 1d20+7=18

So everyone gets to go before the monsters except for Braddock


Trees: blocking terrain
Rocks: blocking terrain; 4-feet tall
Water: 5-feet deep; difficult terrain
Camp fire (L9, AA10, AH9): hindering terrain: any creature entering the square occupying the camp fire takes 3 fire damage.
Tents & Huts: 8-feet tall; blocking terrain; provides total cover if hiding behind
I1:L4: not on fire
J11:K12: fully inflamed
N7:O8: partially on fire
V3:Y7: partially on fire
X11:Y12: partially on fire
AB7:AC8: partially on fire
AF11:AG12: partially on fire
AJ7:AK8: fully inflamed
Any creature that starts its turn adjacent to a fully inflamed hut takes 5 fire damage. If nothing is done to prevent the fires from spreading, the fire will continue to spread at the rate of one square every other round. It takes a standard action to stop the flames and a standard AND a minor to put out one square. Any attempts to put out the fires must be made while adjacent to the inflamed hut.
[sblock=Combatants]Narona, Werewolf Leader: 108/108 HP; AC 20; Fort 20; Ref 19; Will 18; MBA: Morningstar: +12 vs. AC; 1d10+4 damage; MBA: Bite: +12 vs. AC; 1d6+4 damage, and the target takes ongoing 5 damage (save ends) and contracts Moon Frenzy; Blood Rage: Narona deals an extra 4 damage against bloodied targets; Skirmish: If Narona moves at least 3 squares from her starting point, she deals +1d8 extra damage on her next melee attack until the start of her next turn; Regeneration 5 (unless damaged by a silver weapon); Aggression Aura: aura 2; any ally that starts its turn within the aura gains a +2 to its next attack this turn.
Narona (O4): 108/108 HP; Status:
Werewolf: 88/88 HP; AC 19; Fort 19; Ref 18; Will 17; MBA: Greatclub: +10 vs. AC; 2d4+4 damage; MBA: Bite: +10 vs. AC; 1d6+4 damage, and the target takes ongoing 5 damage (save ends) and contracts Moon Frenzy; Blood Rage: A werewolf deals an extra 4 damage against bloodied targets; Skirmish: If a werewolf moves at least 3 squares from its starting point, it deals +1d6 extra damage on its next melee attack until the start of its next turn; Regeneration 5 (unless damaged by a silver weapon)
Werewolf 1 (O2): 88/88; Status:
Werewolf 2 (S5): 88/88; Status:
Werewolf 3 (Ai6): 88/88; Status:
Dire Wolf: 67/67 HP; AC 19; Fort 18; Ref 17; Will 17; MBA: Bite: +10 vs. AC; 1d8+4 damage or 2d8+4 against a prone target; Combat Advantage: The dire wolf gains combat advantage against a target that has one or more of the dire wolf’s allies adjacent to it. If the dire wolf has combat advantage against the target and hits it, the target is also knocked prone.
Dire Wolf 1 (AD10:AE11): 67/67; Status:
Dire Wolf 2 (D13:E14): 67/67; Status:
Dire Wolf 3 (AL6:AM7): 67/67; Status:
Dire Wolf 4 (J9:K10): 67/67; Status:
Totoruan, Wereboar Leader: 106/106 HP; AC 20; Fort 19; Ref 16; Will 17; MBA: Maul: +11 vs. AC; 2d6+6 damage, and slide the target 1 square, and Totoruan shifts into the vacated square; MBA: Gore: +11 vs. AC; 1d8+6 damage and ongoing 5 damage (save ends) and the target contracts Moontusk Fever; Battle Lord Tactics: When flanking, Totoruan and its ally deal an extra 1d6 damage against an enemy currently flanked; Battle Talent: Totoruan can score a critical hit on a 19-20; Inspiring Assault: Whenever Totoruan scores a critical hit, he and any ally within 5 squares regains 4 hit points; Bloodied Resilience: When Totoruan is bloodied, he gains a +2 to all defenses and his gore attack deals ongoing 10 damage (save ends) instead of ongoing 5 damage; Regeneration 5 (unless damaged by a silver weapon)
Totoruan, Wereboar (O3): 53/106; Status: BLOODIED
Wereboar: 61/61 HP; AC 18; Fort 18; Ref 16; Will 16; MBA: Mace: +9 vs. AC; 1d6+4 damage; MBA: Gore: +9 vs. AC; 1d8+4 damage and ongoing 5 damage (save ends) and the target contracts Moontusk Fever; Regeneration: Death Strike: the wereboar makes a gore or a melee attack when it is reduced to 0 hit points; Bloodied Resilience: While the wereboar is bloodied, it gains a +2 to all defenses and its gore attack deals ongoing 10 damage (save ends) instead of ongoing 5 damage; Regeneration 5 (unless damaged by a silver weapon)
Wereboar 1 (AM8): 30/color]/61; Status: BLOODIED
Wereboar 2 (AD12): 30/color]/61; Status: BLOODIED
Longtooth Shifter Villager: 1/1 HP; a miss never damages a minion; AC 19; Fort 17; Ref 17; Will 16; MBA: Longsword: +10 vs. AC; 1d8+1 damage; RBA: Longbow: Range 20/40; +10 vs. AC; 1d8+3 damage; Longtooth Shifting: minor: the longtooth shifter gains a +2 bonus to damage rolls until the end of its next turn.
Longtooth Shifter Villager 1 (AJ6): 1/1; Status:
Longtooth Shifter Villager 2 (AE7): 1/1; Status:
Longtooth Shifter Villager 3 (T5): 1/1; Status:
Longtooth Shifter Villager 4 (i8): 1/1; Status:
Longtooth Shifter Villager 5 (L10): 1/1; Status:

Braddock (R17): 52/52 hp; HS 11/11; AP 1; Dwarven Resilience; Status:
Quan (Q15): 37 /37; HS 7/7; AP 1; Second Wind; Elven Accuracy; Status:
Orsik (Q16): 53/53 hp; HS 10/10; AP 1 ; Second Wind; Stone’s Endurance ; Rune of Mending [1] ,[2]; Status:
Muzdum (R16): 62/62; HS 12/12; AP 1 ; Dwarven Resilience ; Status:
Rikka (R14): 50/50 hp; HS 8/8; AP 1; Second Wind; Elven Accuracy ; Status:[/sblock]

Voda Vosa

"Oi! So much furries! Who I smack down first?!" the dwarf asks in confusion, not really know who's friend and who's foe.

OOC: Purchased a couple of items, none change the basic stats of Muzdum. Got Helm of Exemplary defence and Gauntlets of Ogre power.

[sblock=Muzdum Firebelly]

Dwarf Brawler fighter, level 7

Initiative 6; Senses: Passive Insight 13,
Passive Perception 13HP 65, Bloodied 32, Surge Value 16, Surges 11
AC 25; Fortitude 24, Reflex 19, Will 15Saving Throws +5 racial vs PoisonSpeed 6
Inescapable Waraxe +2 (Standard; at-will)+13 vs AC; 1d12+11+1. Versatile.
[sblock=Opportunity actions on Marked or not Marked targets]
Combat agility (no need of a mark)
Trigger: An enemy adjacent to you takes an action that provokes an opportunity attack
Effect: After the triggering enemy completes the action, you shift 3 squares. You must end the shift closer to the target than you were when you began the shift. Then make the following attack: +13 vs AC, (HIT) 1d12+11+1+2, and you knock the target prone.
Combat challenge (needs to be marked)
Effect: Whenever an enemy marked by you is adjacent to you and shifts or makes an attack that does not include you, you can make a melee basic attack against that enemy: +13 vs AC, (HIT) 1d12+11+1+2
Bare-Knuckled Rebuke Attack (In case Bare Knuckled Rebuke is in effect)
Trigger: An enemy adjacent to you misses you with a melee attack; Attack: +13 vs AC (unarmed), (HIT) 1d6+8 damage, and the target grants combat advantage to you until the end of your next turn.[/sblock][/sblock]
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