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World of Kulan DM
I have need for an index of the various adventures that I have set on Kulan. While the campaign setting is now only for D&D v.3.5, it was once a AD&D 2E setting, so I have set various older edition modules on the world. (I used both X1 "The Isle of Dread" and B4 "The Lost City" during the world's 2E days as the basis for a campaign arc that took The Companions of Harqual to the Fallenlands.) I have 'placed' several DUNGEON Magazine adventures on Kulan as well.

The release of 3rd Edition introduced me to the benefits of the OGL and third-party content for my world. Thus, there will a separate section for d20 System/OGL adventures set on Kulan. A lot of these adventures are set on Kulan's largest continent, Kanpur, but there are also numerous d20 System/OGL adventures set on Harqual and elsewhere on the world.

Official Dungeons and Dragons Adventures

D&D Adventures: the Fallenlands
D&D Adventures: Harqual
D&D Adventures: Janardûn
D&D Adventures: Kanpur
D&D Adventures: Triadora

D&D Adventures: Island Groups
D&D Adventures: Kulanspace
D&D Adventures: The Seas
D&D Adventures: Underdark

D20 System/OGL Adventures
D20/OGL Adventures: the Fallenlands
D20/OGL Adventures: Harqual
D20/OGL Adventures: Janardûn
D20/OGL Adventures: Kanpur
D20/OGL Adventures: Triadora
D20/OGL Adventures: Island Groups
D20/OGL Adventures: Kulanspace
D20/OGL Adventures: The Seas
D20/OGL Adventures: Underdark
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World of Kulan DM
Before I completely detail the growing list for the D&D Adventures page for Harqual, I want to get the pages started for Janardûn, Kanpur, and (maybe) Triadora. The Harqual and Kanpur pages are going to be... complex.


World of Kulan DM
Up next: Working backwards through my DUNGEON Magazine collection from Issue 138 to Issue 117. (Note: I don't have every issue in this range. [I only have ten of them.]) The adventures for the Savage Tide and Shackled City adventure paths will be added after I've gone through all the D&D v.3.5 and v.3.0 DUNGEON mags. Then I'll be heading back through the older mags in my collection that i haven't already looked through.

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