[Adventure] The Darkest Night (DM: johnmeier1, Judge: Ozymandias79)


[sblock=OOC] Full status below (by my record) I can't seem to remember if Dextyr used MW twice, so I have to go back and check to be sure (I only had one down) and some of the Healing Surges are off.

Only Shorrin, Dextyr and Janus to go. OnlyTheStrong can probably drop Croc 2 and save Saraz, then only 2 enemies left. changer can roll Janus's second save at any time.

[sblock=full status]
Name - Position - HP - HS - AP - State --------------- Powers Used
Shorrin - K19 - 10/50 - 11/13 - 0AP - bloodied --- Dragon's Breath, Second Wind, Shield Slam, Villian's Menace, Frost Warhammer

Murphy - P18 - 15/45 - 4/8 - 0AP - enemies that hit with melee take +1d6, Twin in M17, dazed TENT, bloodied, grabbed --- Slayer's Escape, Shadow Darts, Shade Form, Deathcut Leather Armor, Talon Amulet, Twilight Assassin, Targeted for Death

Janus - K20 - -1/34 - 2/7 - 0AP - dying (1/3), repulsion armor, Dragonling in H19 --- Second Wind, Icy Terrain, Color Spray, Expeditious Retreat, Sleep

Dextyr - L20 - -5/43 - 5/10 - 0AP - dying (0/3) --- Shout of Triumph, Second Wind, Majestic Word (1/2), Inspiring Word, Song of Courage, Stirring Shout

Sheng - O19 - 16/47 - 7/8 - 0AP - heavily obscured, bloodied, dazed TENT --- Spectral Claw, Bedeviling Burst, Second Wind, Slaad's Gambit

Saraz - P16 - 20/38 - 6/6 - 0AP - dazed TENT, grabbed -- 4PP, Distract, Crisis of Identity, Crystal Orb

Mystic 2 - G14 - 28/70 - -2 to attack TENT Saraz, bloodied -- Bog Cloud, Swamp's Grasp
Croc 2 - O17/N18 - 7/58 - Gain 4 hp when you hit, bloodied, grabbing Saraz, 1 shroud
Croc 5 - O21/N22 - 38/58 - grabbing Murphy

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I managed to get ahold of OnlytheStrong, he said go ahead with the suggested action there. hopefully he'll hit and drop that croc. [/sblock]


Shorrin steps towards the crocodile holding Saraz, throwing caution to the wind and swinging his hammer with abandon. The blow lands, crushing the reptile's head and dropping it to the ground.

[sblock=OOC] Shorrin swings and it's a hit[/sblock]


The remaining lizard man looks on with growing fear. He makes a last shout with gestures that cause the swamp to attack the group once again before diving into the water and moving away fast. Murphy barely holds out against the poison gas, but the crocodile holding him clamps down its jaws. The assassin's body twitches violently and blood pours from him. The beast drops its victim and slithers back into the waters.

[sblock=OOC]Marsh Mystic 2 recharges Bog Cloud again 1d6=6 and puts in one last punch. Bog Cloud at N18 in a burst 2 attacks our remaining 4 heroes, missing Shorrin, criting Murphy, hitting Sheng and Saraz. 2d8+4=16 poison damage and dazed TENT. Puts Murphy at exactly 0hp (no temp from noose last turn?).
Then he will swim 6 away to -A10 (off map)

Crocodile 5 will use Clamping Jaws to finish off Murphy (taking 1d6=3 damage) and then swims away to hide underwater somewhere Stealth=26

Combat is not over.

Shorrin K19 10/50 bloodied
Murphy M19 -20/45 hit in melee take +1d6, Twin in M17, dying (0/3)
Janus K20 -1/34 dying (1/3), repulsion armor, Dragonling in H19
Dextyr L20 -5/43 dying (0/3)
Sheng O19 5/47 heavily obscured, bloodied, dazed TENT
Saraz P16 4/38 dazed TENT
Mystic 2 -A10 -42hp bloodied
Crocodile Stealth 26 -23hp
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Not trying to get myself in even more trouble, but the croc should do auto-crit damage right? Coup de Grace? Should be -20 hp. Not a big deal as I'm still not dead yet. [/sblock]


Shorrin's eyes lose track of the croc as it submerges, without a target nearby he resorts to another great hurl of his warhammer.

Forgot to add my bonus' for being bloodied and for dex's little bardy stuff. 18 to hit vs AC for 15 dmg... if I hit.

Giantkind Gloves: 18 vs. AC againt Mystic 2 15 dmg
1d20+6=16, 2d6+4=15

I'm unsure about moving... if possible I would like to move Shorrin to a position where he is in between the water's edge and the group. I would rather the croc come after him than someone else.


Sheng's acid orb strikes true in the back of the fleeing lizardman, but Shorrin's hammer flies just wide of the fiend. Shorrin moves closer to Sheng, his movements hampered by the writhing vines and swampy terrain, eyes watching the water.

[sblock=OOC] Didn't know if you could Coup De Grace on a 0hp character, thought they had to be dying. Well now you are, so roll it. I need two death saves from Dextyr also (1 for last turn).

Sheng hits the no-so-nimble lizardman, but Shorrin misses AC. I moved Shorrin 2 squares since he has a 5 move and it is difficult terrain.




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