Adventurers League celebrates the winter holidays

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That guy, who does that thing.
The first follow-up survey is up.

It's entertaining (mind flayer death knights in +3 plate riding Gargantuan vampire beholders for the win!), but it's not clear what the purpose was other than collecting e-mail addresses.

I look forward to uncovering the subtle plan of our subterranean AL admin overlords.



First Post
The survey questions are the first in a series, really. The underlying/ core elements that I'm getting at with each of them may not be immediately apparent, but they needed to be more engaging than the standard "On a scale of 1 to 5, how much to you like 'X'".

I'll be posting a review of the survey next week, and talking a bit more about what we're getting at. It may be a time for celebration (woot, Midwinter!) but it's also a precursor of some pretty exciting things on the horizon for the 'ol admin team.

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