Adventures for PATHFINDER and 4E; last day for Tome of Horrors minis; plus Killshot Reloaded; and Me

[h=3]Dungeons & Dragons News[/h]
  • Epic Campain by Aaron Williams -- In this episode of the season, the Beached Leviathan celebrates our heroes' exploits during "The Night of Madness..." [A quick note - whenever I post one of these, I get emails telling me that I spelt "Campaign" wrong; that spelling's the actual title!]
  • For the Birds by James Wyatt -- We’ve had cats and dogs. Now James provides us with birds. Aarakocra, dire corby, gyerian, kenku, nagpa, raptoran, and tengu—these creature decriptions are featured in this week’s Wandering Monsters. [threadcm][/threadcm]

[h=3]Roleplaying Games News[/h]
  • Killshot Reloaded is a newly launched Kickstarter for an assassin-themed RPG. "In our line of work, you're either an assassin or you're a mark. Which do you want to be when your time comes?" Killshot Reloaded is an updated and expanded edition of the deadly tabletop game launched in 2012 and, if funded, will go public in early 2014. There's a full press release here.


  • Super Genius Games is raising funds for the Red Cross disaster relief with a Pathfinder supplement called The Merciful Cousins Cavalier Order. "The Order of Merciful Cousins, who also go by the name the Masons of Recovery, are an order available for cavaliers (a class presented in the Pathfinder® Roleplaying Game: Advanced Player’s Guide™). Dedicated to assisting those who have suffered tragedy or disaster, the merciful cousins wander the world trying to help those communities in greatest need. In addition to defending those too weak or shocked to defend themselves, the merciful cousins spend time healing the injured, rebuilding shattered homes, and helping communities plan to better weather future hardships."
  • Claudio Pozas joins Erik Nowak, Erik Scott de Bie, and Ed Greenwood on Matt James' team for the Red Aegis RPG.
  • The Bundle of Holding is a colection of six fast-playing RPGs in one package - all designed to get 3-6 players up and running in 10 minutes, and playing a game in under two hours.
  • Kobold Press has a pile of new adventures available - two for Pathfinder, and two for D&D 4E.
    • Beyond the Ghostlight Reef (Pathfinder) is a convention favorite by Christina Stiles, now available for the first time: a group of 6th-level adventurers investigates the mysteries of a reef that hides vast treasures from ancient cities, and the odd women to delve its depths and return with arcane treasures.
    • The Buried Palace (Pathfinder) by Mike Franke is a dungeon adventure for 7th-level PCs level, who descend into a buried palace beneath a city-state in search of a powerful magic item and find themselves embroiled in a growing conflict between the city’s Lord Marshall and his enemies.
    • Fury of the Lords of the Sea (4E) by Teos Abadia sends a party of characters level 16-20 up against the Mharoti to prevent the summoning of the Isonade, the ancient and terrible lord of the deep.
    • The Iron Secret (4E) by Brian Liberge pits adventurers level 1-3 against a band of mad mercenaries who plan to flood the kobold warrens and ignite a war between dwarves and kobolds.
  • Keith Baker (Eberron) is taking time off his website to focus on new Gloom products, the Codex setting, and a brand new RPG.
  • Sci-Fi Codex of Lists 2 is a collection of 100 sci-fi lists to "improve the atmosphere and setting of any science fiction gaming session and make a gamemaster’s worlds come alive. These lists range from adventure seeds for a post-apocalyptic game to ideas for time travelers."
  • Rocket Age is an upcoming golden-age interplanetary science fiction RPG from Cubicle7. Cubicle7 has just hired Ken Spencer to develop the line.
  • Talking of Cubicle7, you can read how art director Jon Hodgson produces the cover art for Victoriana 3rd Edition.


[h=3]Community News[/h]
  • Faster than the Other Guy is an article from Sly Flourish about DM-prep in a D&D game. He maintains that the DM doesn't have to know all the answers - just more than the players!
  • Old Hat Monsters - last week Kobold Press had a survey to decide on an encounter; this week is the encounter - CR 7-10 kobold encounter.
  • Game Knight Reviews asks why anyone would want adventurers and heroes around. "They never (or hardly ever) bathe. They likely are covered in blood and guts. They move around from place to place never setting down roots. They loot bodies, tombs, and ruins and then want to sell things they find so they can buy new, shinier things.... they destroy political careers, economies, and evil plans regularly. Governments get toppled, cities destroyed, and monsters are unleashed only to be stomped on. Innocents are slaughtered, wars started, and racial animosities grow wild."
  • RPGGeek has reviewed The Kobold Guide to Worldbuilding.
  • WHat do you do when your game takes a turn for the worst? This article from Skyland Games takes a look at what to do when games go bad.
  • Rob Heinsoo mashes Shadowrun and 13th Age together and uses 13th Age's Icons system to represent the corporations in Shadowrun.
  • Dave Noonan writes an article about "failing forward" -- "the idea that a failed skill check or whatever isn’t just a negation of the success, but a failure that still drives the narrative forward."
  • G*M*S Magazine has posted a video of the Meet the Big Boys seninar from UK Games Expo this weekend. The seminar includes Steve Jackson Games, Alderac Entertainment Group, Cubicle 7, and Mayfair Games.


[h=3]Boardgaming & Other News[/h]



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It is really fun to see Fury of the Lord of the Sea available. This was my first time writing a short side-trek adventure (though it is really more of an end-cap... something to bring a current plot thread to an exciting conclusion). I volunteered to write it, using the adventure I wrote back when I playtested the excellent Midgard Bestiary for 4E. I liked the monsters and the people involved so much that I wanted to help the Kickstarter. The adventure ended up included in the offerings for the Bestiary Kickstarter and now on DriveThru. If anyone has taken a look at it, I would appreciate your review on the DriveThru page and feedback via Personal Message (PM).

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