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We only have two adventures running at the moment and one of those will probably finish fairly soon.

So, we need people to step up to the plate to DM and submit adventures. There are a lot of players who are just sitting on the sidelines, but they cannot play if nobody is willing to DM. It's vastly preferable to have many adventures running and a few adventures sitting on the sidelines than it is to have players sitting on the sidelines.

Also, the Tavern Patrons thread is a bit out of data, so if you are lurking and do have one or two PCs floating around and want to play, please respond to this thread so that we all have a good idea of what types and levels of PCs are out there and so that anyone who does propose an adventure has a good idea of the levels of potential players and can create a level appropriate adventure accordingly.

Thanks. KD


Mostly. The situation has changed slightly in that there are still two adventures, but neither of them will be finishing real soon. But, we do still need adventures.

Son of Meepo

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Living in the US shouldn't matter. The fact that it is play=-by-post and people will post whenever they can makes it easier.