AEG Launches Shadowforce Archer Interactive Campaign!


AEG Launches SFA Interactive Campaign for Shadowforce Archer World Setting

Since the release of the Spycraft RPG and Shadowforce Archer world setting this spring, Alderac Entertainment Group has consistently produced some of the most compelling d20 material in the industry and provided the fans with some of the best support available for any game line. With these lines alone, we’ve achieved the #1 spot on EN World’s Top 20 highest reviewed d20 products in the industry and released dozens of free pages of support material through the official game websites, including the bonus 22-page Other Gear chapter for our Modern Arms Guide.

Now, we’re taking fan support to a new level, with the launch of the SFA Interactive campaign game for the Shadowforce Archer world setting. Through a unique interface called the Threat Center, Shadowforce Archer players can now immerse themselves deeper into an RPG setting than ever before, affecting a multitude of plot hooks and storyline options from their own homes. There’s no fee and there are no catches – players simply visit the Threat Center at (click on the Threat Center tab on the left, under Storyline) and report the results of any plot thread in their games. The Shadowforce Archer story team compiles all this information and folds it back into the official setting, making the official setting match the players’ vision, rather than making the players adhere to ours. This information not only determines where the storyline goes, but the content for future SFA sourcebooks. Coupled with the fan option of submitting material for the official website, all this makes Shadowforce Archer the most interactive RPG game line ever produced.

The plot hooks available now come from the Shadowforce Archer Worldbook and free website resources, and more will be made available with the release of every Shadowforce Archer sourcebook and many more website resources from here on in. Each Shadowforce Archer release constitutes an “episode” of the SFA Interactive game, moving the setting’s world clock forward and updating the setting. But don’t worry – we’ll leave all plot threads up indefinitely, so that people can catch up with the game at any time, at their leisure.

Each episode of the SFA Interactive campaign also features a brand new serial (adventure), complete with GC- and player-oriented interactive options. The first of these – Shallow Graves – is live now. This is a complete product – 37 pages, presented in the lush Spycraft serial standard with striking art from the Shadowforce Archer game line – at no cost to the fans. Shallow Graves also features an industry first – an original animated mission briefing introducing the mission scripted by Patrick Kapera and drawn by David Moody.

Dive into the heat of the action today, and save the world… from itself. Launch the SFA Interactive Threat Center at If you’d like to know more about how the campaign’s interactive engine works, be sure to click on “How the Interactivity Works” or “Player Feedback” inside the Threat Center. You can also email, or call (909) 390-5444 .

Patrick Kapera
Brand Manager – Spycraft / Shadowforce Archer
Alderac Entertainment Group

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