Aeon (updated 10/9/14)

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beautiful sep. i am in awe as to how each of the major players seem to be coming from utterly different positions in the conflict and how all of these appear reasonable from each one's specific point of view.
oh, and lovin' the frequent updates! it's like being young again.


Fabulous update Sep!

I'm very curious to see what the consequences of the Wyrish wizards' decision NOT to purue the 'Urn will be, if any: perhaps Soneillon gets it back??
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Frequent updates.. oh man! :D

Always interesting to see how things unfold from each player's point of view. Absolutely fantastic.

I'm sure this has been said before, but once the campaign is done, this really should be bundled up and sold online, even if it was just a PDF. With a detailed glossary of terms (like, say, Anantam and Shvar Choryati from this update), so that those of us with imperfect memories can follow the minutae.. Add in game stats for the characters, spells, equipment, etc (whatever you could get away with under OGL), and I think it'd be one of the most popular PDFs ever released.


>> Tozinak grew wings and hovered exitedly. "My egg has hatched! My egg has hatched!"
>>Mulissu collapsed unconscious, blood pouring from her nose.

Anybody follow what this is about? Are the events connected?

I think Tozinak is just being crazy. Mulissu's epic spell Glance of Thunder probably has backlash as a mitigating component, and it seems she rolled a little high on the dice.


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Thanks Cheiromancer. Waiting for the next update would have been brutal if I thought Tozinak had hatched some well laid plot.

GraysonEN: Funny you should mention "Anantam and Shvar Choryati". I Googled both these terms yesterday, and didn't get the answers I was looking for. Out of luck I happened to look at Eadric et. al....... enjoy.
Eadric et. al. (The Paladin and his Friends).

Thanks for the update Sep Was it much of a battle when Ortwine fell upon Sibud, or had she divined his state of glut to make a clean assassination? Were the other players surprised when she "tossed Sibud's head to the ground at the Ahma's feet.". or did they know what had happened?

Great work as always. Thanks again.


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Well, if I was a vampire of god-like power, I'd find a godling Sidhe-queen with obscene Charisma a tasty snack, too...
'xcept, you know... vorpal swords...

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