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D&D 5E AEW's Athena Launches Dungeons & Dragons Show This Week, from comicbook.com


I crit!
Confession, I am not a wrestling fan. I respect the medium and the artists and athletes however and totally get how folks dig it. So this is for y’all. I am a huge fan of more athletes getting into D&D and cheerleading the hobby!

AEW pro wrestler Athena will launch a new Dungeons & Dragons actual play show on her Twitch channel next week. Details about the upcoming Dungeons & Dragons 5E show are still partially under wraps, but the show will feature Athena, her husband and fellow wrestler Matthew Palmer, and TTRPG Noir Enigma and Erik Frankhouse. The campaign will be run by veteran TTRPG designer and DM Daisy Grant.



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