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Against the Darkmaster - a new Epic Fantasy MERP-inspired game

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Tuesday Oct 22 at 11am ET we will launch the Kickstarter campaign live on our YouTube channel, come and celebrate with us!



Valiant heroes, the time has finally come to stand together Against the Darkmaster!
The Kickstarter is LIVE!


With your help, this Kickstarter will let us bring to life a 600 pages long hardcover rulebook, including everything both the GM and the players need to play.

We're talking about:

  • 12 different Kins, 13 Cultures, 6 Vocations, and dozens of different Background Options;
  • Expanded rules for Travels, including camps and Safe Havens, where you can hide from the Darkmaster and perform various activities in between adventures;
  • Additional combat and weapon options, as well as more Critical Strikes tables;
  • Over 300 spells;
  • GM guidelines to help you running the game, building your setting and adventures, and creating your own Darkmaster;
  • A comprehensive Bestiary featuring more than 50 different creatures;
  • Shadows of the Northern Woods, an epic three-parts campaign

And much more!

Join the battle on Kickstarter and help us defeat the evil hordes of the Darkmaster!


Want more Against the Darkmaster in your life? We've got you covered!
Check out these live events coming in the next few days directly to your screen:



One Week left to the end of the Kickstarter!

Last chance to get the Core Book at Kickstarter price, as well as all the exclusive goodies unlocked through the Stretch Goals.


Arise now heroes, for these will be the final days! Sword-days, red days! Spears shall be shaken, shields be splintered! Ride heroes, ride together Against the Darkmaster!

Against the Darkmaster

Level Up!

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