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Release [Against the Darkmaster] Secrets of the Golden Throne


You’ve dreamt of this place. Awallon, the land beyond the eastern sea.

Legends say that as long as a True King sits upon its Golden Throne, the Kingdom shall prosper. And yet, a strange blight has befallen your country.

So you’ve come here at last. Pursuing your dreams, following half-forgotten prophecies, looking for answers.

Will you unveil the Secrets of the Golden Throne?

Secrets of the Golden Throne, the first supplement for the classic Epic Fantasy RPG Against the Darkmaster is now available on DrivethruRPG!

- Meet the mysterious Aes Sidhe, a mysterious group of Kins long thought lost! Ethereal Pixies, unseen Gnomes, enigmatic changelings, beguiling Asrai and voracious Ogres will join the heroes' side in the fight Against the Darkmaster.

- Expand your character options with new unique Cultures and never seen before Backgrounds.

- Explore the island of Awallon, an original setting inspired by fairy tales and Arthurian legends which can be used on its own, or easily dropped into an existing campaign setting.

- Delve into the secrets of magic, with new magic options and 30 new Spells.

- Prove your courage against a host of new monstrous adversaries.

- Face an unprecedented threat, in an epic campaign that will decide the fate of Awallon and of the entire world.

- And much more!

Follow your dreams, grab a copy of Secrets of the Golden Throne now!

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