Dragonlance AGAINST THE DRAGONLORDS Episode 8 Finale! TUESDAY 7pm GMT (2pm ET)

Today Tuesday, at 7pm GMT (2pm Eastern) will be the 8th and final episode of AGAINST THE DRAGONLORDS, a livestreamed classic Dragonlance campaign! Watch live on Twitch or catch up later on YouTube or podcast.

Last week our heroes journeyed back to Solace, a town now occupied by the drgaonarmies. What will happen next? Find out today!

Join us as we journey through the Dragonlance adventure which launched it all in 1984 -- Dragons of Despair!

In the peaceful town of Solace, news of war is spreading from the north. But more fearsome still are the rumors that ancient creatures of myth have returned to the world -- dragons!
When the war reaches Solace, can a group of bold heroes uncover the truth about the old gods -- gods who abandoned the world centuries ago -- before it's too late? Or will Krynn be trampled under the boots of the mighty dragonlords?

The War of the Lance has begun.


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Villiage ID10T
Thanks for this fantastic bit of nostalgia :) put me down for wanting a Season 2!

This makes me want to run the new generation of players in some old school modules. I’ve got the 2E Hollow World books on my shelf that I've been eyeing for about 10 years, and I’m pretty sure my uncle still has a City of Sigil sourcebook somewhere

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