Against the Old One AD&D2e Greyhawk Mission 01 Sessions 1&2


Against the Old One
[h=2]Mission 01: “Border Watch”[/h]Session 01
Patchwall 1 585 cy
Written by Orimon the Chronicler
Town of Greatwall:
As requested I had gone to the city of Greatwall in order to observe the progress of it’s repairs since the enactment of the Greyhawk Treaty.
However, I had inadvertantly stumbled upon a mission that may require some attention. It began in a tavern known as the Behir and Beholder, where I had found myself observing a rather large mercenary. He was taller and wider than most human men garbed in the fashion of the Oeredians. later on my attention was averted with the arrival of a Forest Noniz and a hooded figure which appeared to be of Olven stock. Given that the Inn was fairly crowded the two new arrivals asked to share the table with the large Mercenary. It was then that one of the Sergants of the town guard, named Krayquer, entered the inn with several militia men, and looked about finally settling his gaze on the trio.
It was then he pointed them out and demanded that they accompany him to the Office of the Captain of the town watch. The Noniz, while acknowledging the sergants authority, demanded to be spoken to with some courtesy. Sergant Krayquer took offence and then demanded even more gruffly that the trio comply with his demands. The Noniz then decided to teach the sergant a lesson by casting a spell on the sergant in order to get compliance for his request, which the Sergant resisted and proceeded to then move to put the spell caster under arrest. it was at this point, the massive mercenary stood up and quietly asserted that If the sergant had used courtesy to begin with the trio would have complied. The mercenary then displayed his shield which was covered with the crest of the Denvent Family of The March. I was rather surprised that He would use such a device so blatantly. Sergant Krayquer then relented, wishing to avoid a possibly embarrassing incident, and finally reworded his demand into a request. The trio then accompanied the sergant and his men.
I discreetly follow as they were escorted into the field office, and took the opportunity to listen as they introduce themselves while they waited:
The Noniz introduced himself as Bimwiddley Bumblebee: priest of Garl Glittergold.
The large mercenary Introduced himself as "Little" Tom.
The person accompanying the Noniz Priest: Tro’El , an Olven Minstrel.
A few moments later the trio was finally met by an Oeredian man carrying an air of quiet authority, named Captain Gillmore. He quickly apologised for the behavior of Sergant Krayquer and after dismissing the sergant and his men, proceeded to request that the trio assist him with a favor.
Captain Gillmore details that since the Greyhawk wars, trade had suffered due to the constant raid by Iuzian forces. Now that the treaty has been signed, Count Jakarti (ruler of the County of Crystal Reach) is attempting to re-establish trade lines with the help of three merchants. Gillmore then stated that the goal is to make sure that the merchants reach their destinations and offered to pay the trio 1000 Gold coins each for their trouble and an additional 250 gold coins up front for supplies.
The trio discussed the offer for a moment then agreed, which pleased Captain Gillmore who then left to have Sergant Krayquer to instruct the party on the details of the mission. One of the more disconcerting details of Krayquer's instructions was his insistance that the party kill any lizardmen on sight. Bimwiddley appeared rather concerned at first requesting details as to why. Krayquer explained that Iuz had been using lizard folk to smuggle information and supplies to spies within Furyondy. Krayquer again insisted that the lizard folk be killed on sight to which Bimwiddley gave the caveat that he would only do so if they attacked him first. Krayquer then sighed in exasperation and dismissed the party to meet with the merchants.
The party then returned to the Behir and Beholder where they were introduced to their charges:
Malin of Greatwall: a Oredian male who is wider than he is tall.
Emerald of Greatwall: a half-olven female who uses her exotic beauty to make deals.
Jasmalus: a man who is the more studious of the bunch.

The three merchants spoke at length about their plans to travel along the Veng River to the City of Willip stopping at each of the cities in between, and they then treated the party to dinner and drinks before retiring for the night.

The Journey forward: Patchwall 2-5, 585 cy
The party and the merchants gathered at dawn, packing the three large carts full, and started their travels out the gate accompanied by two squads of Heavy Calvary! They were met with cheers and accolades as they finally exited the city gates. The knights rode along with the caravan for the first half of the morning before they finally turned and left to return back to their patrols.
I could see the concern on the party's faces as the horsemen rode off, but they set their steely reserve forward, and travelled on.
The first day (Patchwall 2) was rather uneventful.
Patchwall 3: The party encountered a nest of Giant centipedes, however, Bimwiddley used knowledge from his upbringing to get the party past the large insects without incident.
Patchwall 4: In the early morning, the party encountered a group of 8 halflings travelling to Greatwall, The two groups shared some information about the road, where the halflings warned of Uroz (Orcs in the common tongue) and Jembli (Goblins) raids further up they had avoided so far by travelling exclusively during the day.
Patchwall 5: early in the morning, Tro’El and Bimwiddley were alerted to a sound in the bushes. Once the party had gotten ready they were shocked to find two Basilisks emerging from the foliage. They did not seem to be agitated, but everyone frantically attempted to avoid their petrifying Gaze. Bimwiddly had appeared to not be very successful but somehow was protected when he put up his battle axe which also serves as his holy Symbol, the creature then averted his gaze leaving the Noniz cleric unscathed. The party then retreated while the basilisks slipped into the brush. Relieved that they were able to escape without conflict the caravan immediately made way to continue on their trip, while Bimwiddley spoke about how his god spared his life.

Session 02
Patchwall 5: The Party finally managed to find a spot to camp for the night. It was a small area with a cave which could provide shelter; However, In their rush to make camp they did not explore to see if the cave was occupied. This proved to be a somewhat foolish action as during the night Tom had spotted movement within the caves and alerted the party just as several Euroz (Orcs in the Common tongue) moved in to the attack. Tom stood in the mouth of the cave to block the exit, hefting his massive club, Splattering the head of a charging Euroz with a solid blow. Tro’El and Bimwiddly readied themselves while the merchants kept their distance giving the party room to act. With his Lute in hand, Tro’El played a lilting tune with magically put five of the Orcs into a deep slumber as Bimwiddly called on the power of Garl Glittergold, commanding one to kneel in subjugation. Tom later dispatched two more Orcs and the remaining greenskins fled into the cave. Once the battle ended, a Satyr came running out of the bush having heard the sounds of battle. Seeing the party victorious, he introduced himself as Patrolikus, a warrior of the Seelie court of Vesve sent to patrol the road along the Veng River. After a few moments of pleasantries later, He agrees to join the party in pursuing the orcs into the cave. Within moments the four adventurers leave the merchants and make their way inside where they discover the four raiders cringing in terror. At that moment, they rose up into battle, as the party also moved in. Both Tom and Patrolikus worked to kill all but one, who surrenders, pleading for his life. Eventually, they bring the orc out of the cave and Tie him up along with his fellows.
The Orcs were then questioned by Tro’El , in their language, who asked why they attacked. The Orc captured in the cave replied that they were sent to engage in raids along the border; And had proven to be somewhat successful in killing different caravans. The Orcs (the ones who were awake) stared at “little” Tom and one finally asked Tro’El what he was doing travelling with an “Orog”(Orc - Ogre Hybrids) in their party. Tom took umbrage to the comparison and growled that he is no son of a Euroz whore, and stormed away to collect his thoughts. At this point the party wondered what to do with the surviving orc warriors. The party first considered releasing them, however Tom Reasoned that they would only return to raiding once more, that perhaps they would best be killed. Bimwiddly, while having no great love for Orcs, could not sit well with the idea of killing them in cold blood. After much discussion, Tom insisted on taking them to Morsten where the military could question the raiders for more information. Once the party agreed to the idea, Tom immediately informed the orcs that they were to cooperate or they would be killed. Surprisingly enough, they assented, referring to him as Orog once again. Deciding not to correct them the party then turned their attention to Patrolikus who was readying himself to resume his duties. Malin, conferred with Jasmalus and Emerald who then asked the Satyr if he would consent to join the group on the caravan to provide another strong arm. At first, Patrolikus resisted the idea until Emerald approached using her feminine wiles capturing the goat-man’s interest. She then convinced Patrolikus to join the caravan.
Patchwall 6-7: After two uneventful days, the caravan finally makes its way to the village of Morsten. I was able to follow undetected as I watched the soldiers take the Orc Captives in for questioning. The Party had arrived just in time for the Bell-Ringing feast, where the community gathers around the largest bell in town and celebrates with a feast and gifts just as the leader rings the bell. It originally served as a celebration, but as of late it serves as a grim reminder to the villagers to remain vigilant against the crush of evil; To celebrate, but cautiously. The party then dropped the Orcs off with the soldiers for questioning and possibly to face Furyondian Justice!

The Journey to Fort Belvor:
Patchwall 9: After a day or relative calm, The Caravan encountered a trio of Humans waving them to stop, Tro’El and Tom moved forward to question them. The humans demanded that the caravan pay them tribute for protection. Malin and the other merchants flatly refused, angering the leader who then summoned six more humans wearing Iuzian uniforms and weapons. The party attacked the bandits killing five and the rest fled. Later in the afternoon, over a dozen Euroz raiders also ambushed the party and were promptly routed by the party. Bimwiddly demonstrated the power of his god once again using what would normally be an Illusionist spell called “Phantasmal Force” to frighten several of the orcs into fleeing.
Patchwall 11: Late into the evening, Tom noticed a sound during his shift in the watch, and went to investigate, the party was then woken up when Tom bellowed out “GOBLINS!” which was followed by a sickening thud followed by the arrival of a flung goblin corpse Which landed in the midst of the sleeping party, Tro’El and Patrolikus, joined in the battle to find Tom attempting to swing at the two surviving goblins. Patrolikus slew the second goblin, but the third, fuelled by desperation (and more bravery than sense) made some rather substantial hits on the large warrior. Tom inadvertently looked at the goblin skulker with some measure of respect before finally smiting it with his club, knocking it unconscious. Tro’El, then questioned the goblin who told the elven minstrel that he was actually working with some of the orc raiders in order to help tend his clan and find some supplies. When asked about Iuz, the goblins did not seem all that enthusiastic about serving the Old One.

Patchwall 13:
After a full day and a half of travel, the party encountered a Furyondian war-band making their way along the road. They asked if the party needed assistance, and Malin pointed to the goblin they had been holding prisoner. The Soldiers were more than happy to take the Jembli into custody for further questioning and possible justice.

Patchwall 15: Later in the afternoon, the party stumbled on three abandoned wagons and stopped to investigate. They had shown signs of having been raided, with several corpses dumped unceremoniously on the side of the road. Jasmalus, for some reason jumped off his wagon and went to the bodies, and discovered a corpse bearing his face with a dagger in the back. It’s workmanship seemed terribly similar to that of the dreaded Scarlet Brotherhood, a Suloise guild composed of thieves and assassins. It even had a compartment in the handle where poison could be injected into the wound. Jasmalus was visibly shaken and seemed overwrought with emotion when a group of Euroz raiders stood off in the distance taunting the party in common. While the caravan members found the orc’s words offensive, they reasoned among themselves that the taunting was designed to lead the party into a trap of some kind.
Jasmalus, filled with rage and sadness, took the body resembling himself, placed it into the cart, and stood up, blasting the four orcs taunting him with a large fireball. All the members of the caravan were shocked to see their fellow merchant using an arcane spell where he never used one before! The Orcs were incinerated so quickly, one barely managed to elicit a rather unmanly scream before dying.
At that moment, eight remaining orcs ran from their hiding places, Some to attack the party, while three ran for their lives, hoping to avoid the spell caster. The party fought in earnest Killing most of the Orcs and managed to take one prisoner. By evening they finally arrived at Fort Belvor.
The fortress itself was battered and war weary, and the merchants were welcomed cautiously as they were allowed to enter. Jasmalus left the caravan with the body and dagger he found, while Malin and Emerald set up shop. The Orc was handed to the military for questioning and then the party talked among them to decide what to do next.

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Session 03
Patchwall 15 (Continued):
Once the merchants had set up shop, the party had immediately drawn a large crowd, hoping to hear from news. The local town’s folk had been living under siege for quite some time and were hoping to hear some news from outside of Belvor’s walls. Tro’el, bearing his minstrel trappings, was questioned by many of the locals about news of the realm of Furyondy and it’s progress to rebuild after the war, however he demonstrated a tragic ignorance of events that did not concern his music. Bimwiddley perched himself on the wagon and proceeded to preach about the glories of his deity, Garl Glittergold, unfortunately, his preaching was met with a bit of indifference since many of the inhabitants were worshippers of Trithereon or Saint Cuthbert. “Little” Tom at first stood apart from the gathering and seeing the dismal performance of the Minstrel and the gnome cleric stepped forward and spoke about how the Kingdom continued to repel the armies of Iuz and that the caravan was simply the first of many to come. His words surprisingly met with some success once he began detailing the progress of the mission and how the party had been successful in routing orcish and human raiders. Tom them introduced Tro’el who proceeded to sing and perform. Patroklos attempted to join in, but paid so poorly, the crowd laughed and believed the Satyr was attempting some form of comedy to enhance the performance.
After the performance, the party was them met by Mikinus, captain of the guard who asked them about the mission attempting to determine how many forces had been travelling along the border. He was rather concerned with the amount of Orcs the party had faced and informed the party that the fortress had been under attack by orcs where as previously it was the more intelligent and organized groups of hobgoblins. After some further words the party retired for the night.
The Night was far from restful as Iuzian forces proceeded to pummel the walls with fireballs and catapults. At first, the party offered to help but the more experienced soldiers sat the party down offering to protect them instead. After an hour or so of heavy fighting, the action ceased allowing the caravan members to get some much needed rest.

Patchwall 16 - 17: Early this morning, the caravan left the beleaguered fortress, and went along the road. It was not long before they were given a majestic sight! For the next two days, herds of deer and bison were seen migrating in small groups, moving across the plains and brush heading for their winter grazing area to the west. Patroklos at first joked about shooting one of the larger bucks. Emerald, however, reminded the satyr that doing so was a sure way to create a stampede, which would possibly damage the caravan. The Satyr, enraptured by the half-elf’s wisdom, stayed his bow.

Patchwall 19: Once the party broke camp, they eventually stumbled upon a group of Hobgoblins preparing an ambush. The party was able to surprise the humanoids and defeat them decisively. Later that Night: the party was attacked by seven Ogres! At first, the party was struggling until Jasmalus began casting spells in tandem with Tro’el, putting many of them to sleep, Bimwiddley invoked the power of his god, attacking the weak minded creatures with phantasmal bolts of flames. Tom and Patroklos eventually defeated the rest with the aggressive application of brute force. Two of the Ogres were captured, and the party requested if Tom spoke Ogrish. At first the young man balked at the idea but relented admitting that he does, in fact speak the language. Tom spoke at some length with the creatures. However, Given that I learned Ogrish I will translate the conversation.
First Ogre: You, You’re one of us, why are you working with these meats?
Tom: No, I am NOTHING like you…
First Ogre: It’s OBVIOUS you’re at least some kind of Ogre!
Tom: No, get that stupid idea out of your thick head, You will tell us why you attacked us.
First Ogre: Well it’s Obvious to me, You’re one of us…or at least a Half-breed!
Second Ogre: He’s one of their pets, He’s too Small and puny to be one of us.
Tom: Can we focus, please? Even if I WAS a half Breed, I am not a slack jawed barbarian like the both of you. Now, WHY DID YOU ATTACK US?
The Conversation eventually degenerated when the Ogres made several Vulgar Insults to Tom, which was eventually responded to with a retort so horrific, it sufficiently ensured future cooperation. The Ogres informed the party that they had been sent by Iuzian Orcs to accost the caravan. The Ogres were then released and allowed to leave with strong words by Tom not to come back.

Patchwall 20: The party encountered another Migration of Bison.

Patchwall 22: In the Afternoon, the Party managed to notice a small group of Ogres gathering for another raid. The Large behemoths had not noticed the caravan as they were arguing amongst themselves. Tro’el then persuaded Tom to quickly approach the tribe and greet them. Reluctantly, he did so, and quickly demonstrated a charm with the Ogres he had never demonstrated among humans. Within moments, he had gained their confidence to engage them in a trade deal. Emerald produced a boxed set of eating utensils, which the ogres obtained by trading some swords they obtained by several raids and attacks on patrols. The Ogres then proceeded to give Tom some congratulatory pats on the back (which caused the large warrior to wince slightly) commenting about how one of their own kind could command a group like the caravan.
The Caravan continued, leaving the Ogres in high spirits.
Later that evening, the party set up camp and was greeted by a large group of Suloise nomads. A leader came forward introducing themselves as nomads from the Bright Desert. They told of how their tribe was displaced by the Wizard Rarys, traitor to the council of 8. He had taken their territory with the help of troops by Lord Robilard and goblinoid creatures called “Norkers”. Tro’El asked of information regarding Celene and the Queen. The Nomad spat on the ground then told the elven minstrel that he knew only, of her treason to the principality of Ulek and forsaking her allegiance to the surrounding nations. The Nomads Eventually engaged the merchants in some trade, before finally departing.
In the Overnight watch, Tro’el and Bimwiddley awake the party to the sound of something approaching the camp. They were surprised to see yet another basilisk approaching the camp, only it seemed rather angry that the caravan had wandered into its territory. Bimwiddley took some damage when the creature bit him but the party was able to drive the creature away without it using it’s terrifying stone gaze.
Patchwall 23: On the last leg of the trip, the party was ambushed by a third group of Ogres. The battle was joined in earnest and these Ogres proved to be not only strong but also somewhat more intelligent than their previous kin. Bimwidley and Tom were severely injured but Tro’el and Jasmalus were able to enchant them with judicious application of sleep spells. One Ogre proved to be difficult as Patroklos attacked, charging with a head butt. The Ogre nimbly side stepped the Satyr with a flourishing gesture and shouiting “Ole!”. He was eventually taken down and party hurriedly made their way to fort Batlet…
The party was alarmed to see a dilapidated tower with a door bashed open. Almost immediately they came upon a fierce battle between the Tower’s forces and Iuzian raiding orcs intent on conquering the fortress or die trying. The Commander greeted the party while Cleaving the heads of several Orc warriors and commanded for a cleric to heal the caravan’s injured. A Priest of Trithereon came forward placing his hands on Bimwiddley and smirked with some satisfaction as he noted the gnome was a priest of Garl Glittergold. At first the party offered to help but the Commander refused and within moments the Orcs were dispatched and the party was able to camp for the night.

Session 04- From Batlet to Barduk:
Patchwall 23-24: The night was far from quiet or restful. The Iuzian forces continued their assault throughout the night, prompting Jasmalus to leave the safety of his room to help the Garrison. Explosions, catapault and arrow shots rang out through the night, rocking the fortress. Later that night, Jasmalus returned to the room spent and exhausted from spell casting. After giving him some time to gather his strength, the caravan left during a lull in the fighting, relieved to have survived the night.
That evening the party first encountered a trio of giant badgers which were tamed somewhat by Bimwiddley, using his Gnomish rapport with Burrowing creatures.
Before Day-break, Bimwiddley and Tom alerted the party to the presence of Giant Fire beetles. Patroklos was not only unable to hit the giant insects, at one point he dropped his spear, and afterward, placed himself in a rather compromising position. Malin strode forward with his dagger and smote the three fire beetles with a surprising amount of skill and deftness.
Jasmalus snidely mentioned that the party acts less like a group of skilled adventurers and more like a group of travelling buffoons. Tro’el, however, mentioned that He, Bimwiddley and Tom were conscripted unceremoniously for the mission, even though (with the exception of Tom) have never seen any real combat. Astonished by this, Jasmalus asked Tro’el who actually conscripted them. Bimwiddley spoke up saying that it was Sergeant Krayquer who initially conscripted the trio, remarking that he was rather rude about it. Tom confirmed the information, remarking that It took a lot of his inner strength not to hit the sergeant, instead he demanded that Krayquer ask politely. Jasmalus, Malin and Emerald speak to each other privately then ready themselves for the remainder of the trip.
Patchwall 26: After a day and a half of travel, the party had finally found a spot to camp. As they set up the site, bandits came, charging to attack, Bimwiddley stepped forward, Invoking the power of Garl Glittergold and several Phantasmal golden arrows shot forward, frightening the bandits off. They eventually mustered their courage and attacked again. Tom was severely injured and they began to overrun the party, Tro’el had managed to enchant one of the bandits, just as Jasmalus stepped forward and incinerated the rest of the Iuzians. The charmed bandit remained clost to Tro’el answering most questions to the best of his ability.
Patchwall 27: Tro’el woke up and indicated that he wanted to release the bandit he charmed the night before. Jasmalus took Tro’el aside and informed him that it would be a very poor decision considering that the bandit would eventually return to raiding once the spell wears off. Not to mention that the charmed bandit wants to remain with the minstrel due to the effect of the spell. Tro’el relented and decided to keep the bandit around for the time being. This proved to be quite informative as he informed the party about the leadership of Iuz, specifically telling tales of the Old One’s High Priestess, Althea; A cruel and severe woman who accompanied by a crew of elite Alu-Demons.
Patchwall 28: The parties made camp again, and were once disturbed by noise from the wagons, Patroklos investigated and warned the party that six goblins were going through the supplies. The Satyr was able to dispatch two of the goblins just before the rest were taken down with a sleep spell by Tro’el.
Once the goblins woke from their slumber they pleaded with the party to not be killed. They were questioned by the party and revealed that they were sent to procure supplies for the orcs. As they bickered and negotiated for their survival, Patroklos was amused by their banter and suggested that they work together as entertainers and buffoons.
Ready’Reat 02: As the party approaches the last stretch before reaching Barduk they stumbled upon an caravan of orcs led by an Orog! Their wagon had gotten stuck in the mud while they were attempting to cross a river. Seeing the Orcs were completely distracted, the party managed to make a surprise attack. Jasmalus stepped forward unleashing a fireball incinerating half of the orcish forces, Patrolkus charged and killed an orc using his horns and another with his spear. Bimwiddley invoked the power of his god, unleashing a flurry of phantasmal arrows. At first the orc soldiers began scattering but their leader was able to rally three of his squad members only to be killed by Jasmalus’ magic missile.
Tom rode forward to face the Orog, who initiated the following conversation:
“You’re another half-Ogre, Why are you working with these Humans and elves?”
“I am Nothing like you…I was told I look like one of you…”
“That is where our similarities end, Brother, I must now kill you.”
The Orog landed a solid blow afterward, Tom, However, laid in two trikes severely injuring the Orc-Ogre cross-breed. Before Tom could move in for the kill, Tro’El casts a sleep spell on the Orog. Tom glared at the Elven Minstrel and snarled in contempt at the interruption of his duel of honor. Tro’el remarked that the party needed to take the Orog Alive for questioning. The massive fighter was not amused and berated Tro’el in spite of the sound logic. Once the Orcs were dealt with, the party investigated the wagon to find a collection of supplies, weapons, as well as over 1000 gold pieces of crudely forged gold ingots. They also discover the Orog had a mildly enchanted long-sword which Tro’el requested. After capturing their spoils and the Orog in tow, they finally arrived at Barduk. Jasmalus later invited Tro’el, Tom and Bimwiddley to speak with him privately where he finally explains his true intentions.
“As you may have figured out, I am not a merchant, I am working for Count Artur Jakarti, using the caravan to make note of troop movements along the border. My true name is not Jasmalus, but Jetero of GreatWall, Jasmalus was my brother who was discovered when we came across the Destroyed wagons before we reached Fort Belvor. We had assumed each other’s identities in an effort to protect him from repercussions of this mission. Unfortunately, his death has shown me that there was a traitor who was giving information to Iuzian troops. With the information you gave me, I determined that it could not be anyone but Sergeant Krayquer. I need to get this information to Count Jakarti immediately; however, I cannot jeopardize the mission by leaving it. I need you to get my notebook to a contact named Jeremiah tomorrow morning and return before we leave for Willip.”
Ready’Reat 03: The party travelled using Jetero’s instructions and eventually found the spot where they were to meet Jeremiah. As they waited, they were found by a young girl who was quite lost. As the party decided what to do with her, A rather large lizard man approached snarling as he warned them in Common to get away from the girl. However, the Child ran to the Lizardman and grabbed his leg bagging him not to hurt the party since they were kind to her.
Persuaded by the child’s words, the reptile announced himself as Jeremiah, an agent of Count Jakarti, and then escorted the party to a small cottage where the party observed several small children being cared for by a human priestess of Beory (the Earth Goddess). Jeremiah introduced her as Alexia, and the children under their care were Shield-Land Orphans from the last war with Iuz.
The party discussed Jetero’s suspicions and findings along with some other issues. After handing the wizard’s notebook to Jeremiah, the lizard man announced that he was leaving immediately to deliver it to Count Jakarti. Inspite of Alexia’s insistence to stay for lunch, the trio announced that they had to return to the caravan to finish the mission.

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