(The Unicorn)

Greater Power of Good, LG (All Good)
Portfolio: Light, Guardianship, Protection

Wisdom 11
Charisma 13

Weapons Allowed: Bludgeoning weapons
Armour Allowed: Any (Chainmail at minimum)

Major Spheres: As per Cleric.
Minor Spheres: As per Cleric.

Magic Items Allowed: Same as clerics.

Granted Powers

  • Intimidation - This skill is similar in many respects to the THIEF proficiency of this name. But it is Based solely upon the priests charisma and the fact of his membership amongst the Alishankan clergy .

  • Rank - A priest of the Alishanka will receive absolute and unquestioning obedience from any subordinates be they lesser Priests or church knights.

Other Notes:

The followers of Alishanka serve as the chief force for good in the Narthian Realms. The Unicorn's faith is widespread and holds the dominant position in most cities and towns.

A great deal of importance is lent to the outward appearance of a priest of the Unicorn. Most of the clerics wear vestments of white trimmed with silver. Chainmail or heavier armour is worn both for show and protection. The symbol of a male unicorn or a silver dragon is often found decorating the priests clothing and possessions.

Alishankan priests wield considerable temporal power in the civilized lands and they are often found as advisors to ruling nobility. This has led to a certain amount of arrogance amongst the clergy of the Unicorn. Most Alishankan's consider class distinctions to be very important and will act accordingly. The members of the Alishankan clergy are often viewed with both fear and disdain by the common folke throughout the lands. But rare is the person that has not prospered directly or indirectly from the peace and order maintained by them.

Relationships with other Faiths:

All of the evil faiths are despised, their followers must be destroyed as they are found. Particularly, those that revere the Wyvern "Sithanus".

The neutral faiths are unimportant and can be discounted out of hand.

The other good faiths are lesser and must follow the lead of the Alishankans. Especially the Tyche clergy. They are the poorer cousins, well loved and charmingly innocent. Often the they will inadvertently (although they are well meaning) upset the designs of both good and evil alike. They must be guided and chaperoned.

Wizardry, though not inherently evil can often tempt the purest of souls down the path to darkness. It must be avoided or controlled at all costs.

The non-human faiths are well respected but always from the position that the Alishankan's doctrines are the superior ones.

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