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DM-of-Doom Wacksteven joins Morrus and Peter in the podcast studio to talk all about live streaming tabletop RPGs on Twitch, and the challenges involved in putting on a successful show. In the news we cover D&D's big survey, Pathfinder's new System Reference Document, a return to the Barrier Peaks, and more. Plus our favourite game in all the world, and Malach the Maleficent's musical debut!

Our Guest: Wacksteven
What’s Caught Our Eye
Critical Hits Dungeonomics
Critical Role at London MCM
Waterdeep: Dragon Heist
Curse of Strahd
Dungeons & Dragons Survey, carve out time for this, it takes a while)
Expedition to Barrier Peaks for Extra Life
Gale Force 9 Miniatures and DM Screen, Pathfinder Playtest updates, Fortnite RPG possibility all in the News Digest column!
New Pathfinder SRD
New Starfinder SRD
Shane Plays Podcast (Morrus will be appearing soon)
North Sea Epilogues
Dystopia Rising colon Evolution
Jungle Tomb of the Mummy Bride
Livestreaming Sites to Stream to:
Software for Streaming:
OBS (Open Broadcaster Studio)
Streamlabs (customized version of OBS)
XSplit (subscription required)
Stream Elements (overlays and other tools)
Muxy (Twitch extensions)
Bonus Link
Perturbed Dragon Episodes
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