All the Different Types of Celestials


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Official Sources:


Agathinon (PSMC, 2E)
Astral Deva (MM)
Light (PSMC, 2E)
Monadic Deva (FF)
Movanic Deva (FF)
Planetar (MM)
Solar (MM)
Stellar Deva, Starkin
Stellar Deva, Emprix


Hammer Archon (Races of Stone)
Hound Archon (MM)
Hound Archon Hero (MM)
Justice Archon (MMIV)
Justice Archon Champion (MMIV)
Lantern Archon (MM)
Owl Archon (BoED)
Sword Archon (BoED)
Sybillic Guardian (Complete Psionic)
Throne Archon (BoED)
Trumpet Archon (MM)
Warden Archon (BoED)


Bralani (MM)
Coure (BoED)
Firre (BoED)
Ghaele (MM)
Noviere (PSMC2, 2E)
Shiere (PSMC2, 2E)
Shiradi (BoED)
Tulani (BoED)


Avoral (MM)
Cervidal (FF)
Equinal (BoED)
Leonal (MM)
Lupinal (FF)
Musteval (BoED)
Ursinal (BoED)


Asura (BoED)
Protectar (MH)
Ramadeen (MH)

Related Creatures:

Celestial Creature Template (MM)
Half-Celestial Template (MM)
Planetouched, Aasimar (MM)

Celestial Paragons:

Manath, the Horned Duke (guardinal)(BoED)
Barachiel, the Messenger (archon)(BoED)
Kharash, the Stalker (guardinal)(BoED)
Domiel, the Mercy-Bringer (archon)(BoED)
Vhara, Duchess of the Fields (guardinal)(BoED)
Erathaol, the Seer (archon)(BoED)
Pistis Sophia, the Ascetic (archon)(BoED)
Gwynharwyf, the Whirling Fury (eladrin)(BoED)
Sathia, the Sky Duchess (guardinal)(BoED)
Raziel, the Crusader (archon)(BoED)
Bharrai, the Great Bear (guardinal)(BoED)
Sealtiel, the Defender (archon)(BoED)
Faerinaal, the Queen's Consort (eladrin)(BoED)
Talisid, the Celestial Lion (guardinal)(BoED)
Morwel, Queen of Stars (eladrin)(BoED)
Zaphkiel, the Watcher (archon)(BoED)

Early, Non-"Great Wheel" Angels:

Angel of healing (Dragon #17)
Angel of wrath (Dragon #17)
Angels of the Ninth Order (#35)
Archangels (#35)
Archangel of mercy (Dragon #17)
Cherubim (#35)
Dominations (#35)
Powers (#35)
Principalities (#35)
Seraphim (Dragon #17, #35)
Thrones (#35)
Virtues (#35)

Unofficial Sources

Empyreal (ToH II)
Cherubim (Cosmic Custodian) (Immortal's Handbook Epic Bestiary I)
Elohim (Defenders of Heaven) (Immortal's Handbook Epic Bestiary I)
Flaga Template (Guardian Angel) (Immortal's Handbook Epic Bestiary I)
Kyriotates (Senator of Heaven) (Immortal's Handbook Epic Bestiary I)
Malakim (Champion of Heaven) (Immortal's Handbook Epic Bestiary I)
Ophanim (King of Heaven) (Immortal's Handbook Epic Bestiary I)
Seraphim (Cosmic Champion) (Immortal's Handbook Epic Bestiary I)

Angels (Madrielite):
Battle Angel (CC III)
Harvest Angel (CC III)
Storm Angel (CC III)
Sun Angel (CC III)
Zhaleha Angel (CC III)

Custodians (Coreanic):
Ward Custodian (CC III)
Mosaic Custodian (CC III)

Bestarius (Legends of Avadnu)
Knosirius (Legends of Avadnu)
Eidoneus (Legends of Avadnu)

Hope (CC II)
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