Alternative system for Shadowrun setting?

Aust Diamondew

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Thank you everyone for you responses. I've looked at your various suggestions and think we'll be giving Savage Worlds a try in the next couple weeks.

@Jeff Wilder
I kind of feel like SR4 is just 'differently complex' than SR3. Consider that in SR4 dice pools tend be bigger and that for all attacks the defender makes a defense roll in addition to a damage resistance roll.
That said, I agree that SR4 is an improvement over SR3, the rules are much more intuitive and uniform. I just think the mechanics make for slow combats (same with SR3).

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We used a combination of d20 modern and twilght 2000. The TW2000 was used to resolve weapons combat. The system essentially uses location rolls to hit people. Armor subtracts damage and cover is based on location. If you are standing behind a 3ft wall and the attacker rolls legs, the bullet doesn't hit you because you are behind a wall. It is essentially a very clean system we have playtested and would be happy to send it to you if interested.


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EABA could swing it for sure. With aplomb!

Whether EABA is more 'rules-lite' than SR, I don't know. Can't remember enough of the latter game to be sure either way. There is a free version, EABALite, which should give you an idea of whether it's your cuppa. If you do fancy it, grab 'Stuff!' as well. It's quite brilliant.

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