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So in the DL threads I have been accused of wanting everything in every world and having no world be unique... BUT by chance I stumbled onto a fun game I would love to share with you...

Mash ups of D&D worlds.

My first is the world of dragonlance... BUT put ashardalon in it... and take the towers of high sorcerery out and replace them with a land ownership/domain magic system where the mages post the gods leaving learned to grow and tap land... if you don't own/preserve you have the option of just drawing from the land around you making you a defiler... killing plant life. But the gods will return when Aasmoduis and Orcas hatch a plan to bring divine power in secret and start a dragon war lead by Ashardalon...
the heroes have to find these adamantine sticks on a hoop that hold the knowledge to bring the good gods back, and who ever does becomes the first chosen of Bacob...
The gnomes are artificers... and they have a new complex toy to bring to the war though... warforged and creation forges.

okay so what can you come up with, and how many settings can you get?
domain magic birthright defilers darksun artaficer/warforged ebberon, ashardalon and bacob greyhawk, and chosen of gods the realms... but mixed with everything else Dragon Lance

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As an amalgram of worlds, I would consider using Birthright as the base, but bring in the threat of defiling (from Dark Sun) and destroying the connection leaders and kings have with the land. Plus psionics.

Having the world slowly become more defiled, and leaders connected to the land slowly going mad...

Tales and Chronicles

Jewel of the North, formerly know as vincegetorix
Dragonlance and Nentir Vale: witness the cataclysmic war between the dragon armies of Arkhosia and the Thurathi humans who turned to devil worship when the Gods disappeared after the Dawn War. The Dawn War ended when the Cleric-King decided to take the battle between against the force of Elemental Chaos into his own hands, becoming the god of humanity and order. He was smashed to bits by throwing a mountain on him. Nobody knows if the mountains came from the Primordial or the Gods, but both camp left right after.


Dragonlance and Nentir Vale: witness the cataclysmic war between the dragon armies of Arkhosia and the Thurathi humans who turned to devil worship
Okay that is great but my first thought was similar.
Nentir vale plus darksun with a little red steel/hallow earth and a tad birthright
During the height of the war between dragon lord and demon lords the gods were slain… there blood flowed down and became in powering mortal bloodlines. As they continued there war as city states inter married and destroyed most of the world turning it into a wasteland dotted by cities of devilish gif kings (and queens)
The game world begins in this hellscaoe where the PCs may be gladiators templars or what ever. But hidden away are the turtle people in an underground hallow world that is still green. The resistance tries to Underground Railroad people there and the god kings search for it.

Some times after watching the cover of "the wild elves" sourcebooks I imagine a mash-up mixing Dragonlance and Dark Sun.

Other idea is the lore of chronomances allowing the "time spheres", demiplanes working as uchronies or alternate timelines. Maybe an evil faction, or it was Vecna's fault after those troubles in Sigil, some time spheres were damaged, and if these couldn't be repaired totally, then "patchworlds" were created merging "shards" of the previous "time spheres".

I have a new one...taking the Warforged/Draconianan idea from up thread but making THEM time travelers from a future invasion (ala Terminator) invading a world like the neither vale...

Charles Lowry

I've combined Forgotten Realms with Eberron using the LMoP adventure. It is one year after a peace treaty among the Lords of Waterdeep/Sword Coast and Netherese. The Netherese still exist and were the first to manipulate Drogonshards creating a magical/technological realm. The Netherese created the Warforged as well as responsible for awakening the ancient fire elemental in under Mount Hotenow, nearly destroying Neverwinter.
Dwarves have significant corporate holdings over most mining operations. LMoP is about the discovery of a Dragonshard vein discovery and rival Corporate Dwarven Clans and Netherese are very interested in its discovery.

PCs backstories are Eberron inspired with debts, smugglers, criminal contacts, and soldiers dealing with a post war society.

Been a lot of fun and can plug and play what myself and players want.

Dragonlance and Ravenloft

The whole of Krynn and its cosmology is a single Domain, of which Takhisis is the Darklord. The whole balance/cycle thing is her curse from the Dark Powers - evil is doomed to arise again and again to seek domination, but always to turn in on itself and fail. Kender are of course an aspect of the curse. The smallest, most innocent people in the entire world - and the Queen of Terror can't frighten them. It must drive her nuts, like a stone in your shoe you can't quite find and get rid of. Fizban appears as he does because Bahamut really IS a well-meaning bumbling senile fool, but every time Takhisis has him on the ropes some stupid coincidence or bit of bad luck or unlikely fluke means her plans fall apart.

Edit: and it explains the Cataclysm too. This was possibly the closest Takhisis has ever gotten to winning. She subverted the greatest empire of good that the world had ever known and turned it to evil (even though it was unaware of that fact). And then the other gods threw a mountain at Istar and wiped the whole thing out. But would a good god do that? Hell no. But a Ravenloft approximation of a good god, a puppet of the Dark Powers who only exists to torment the Darklord, certainly might. Extremism in good turning to evil is very Ravenloft, and wildly over-the-top retribution against disappointing minions is something Takhisis would understand. The good gods of Ravenlance aren't actual good gods, they're Takhisis's idea of how good gods would behave...
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