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D&D General Amalgam World

So in the DL threads I have been accused of wanting everything in every world and having no world be unique... BUT by chance I stumbled onto a fun game I would love to share with you...

Mash ups of D&D worlds.

My first is the world of dragonlance... BUT put ashardalon in it... and take the towers of high sorcerery out and replace them with a land ownership/domain magic system where the mages post the gods leaving learned to grow and tap land... if you don't own/preserve you have the option of just drawing from the land around you making you a defiler... killing plant life. But the gods will return when Aasmoduis and Orcas hatch a plan to bring divine power in secret and start a dragon war lead by Ashardalon...
the heroes have to find these adamantine sticks on a hoop that hold the knowledge to bring the good gods back, and who ever does becomes the first chosen of Bacob...
The gnomes are artificers... and they have a new complex toy to bring to the war though... warforged and creation forges.

okay so what can you come up with, and how many settings can you get?
domain magic birthright defilers darksun artaficer/warforged ebberon, ashardalon and bacob greyhawk, and chosen of gods the realms... but mixed with everything else Dragon Lance

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As an amalgram of worlds, I would consider using Birthright as the base, but bring in the threat of defiling (from Dark Sun) and destroying the connection leaders and kings have with the land. Plus psionics.

Having the world slowly become more defiled, and leaders connected to the land slowly going mad...

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