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Amazon Has A D&D Page

Amazon has a new D&D page. It includes links for all you need to start, key storylines, apparel and accessories, and more.

Russ Morrissey


Ranger REG

Registered User
More like the Populars are hijacking our hobby, and still won't let us geeks in. LOL

Oh but they still want us to do their homework or copy our test answers.


Amazon Has A D&D Page

It's too bad D&D is dying. We will never have what the numbers they had in the 80s.
This edition is dying on the vine unless they release splat books with magic shops and lists of rare weapons and boatloads of feats and new subclasses and new classes. I heard it on this very website not 5 years ago!


If he is and I'm confusing him with others who feel the need to *bleep*post about 5e's success constantly, then I apologize.


So nice to see D&D getting more and more popular and mainstream^^ Wouldn't have imagined that a few years ago, it's always a nice surprise!


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